Encryption Solution

DeskAlerts Encryption Solution Protects Data and People from Unintended Mishaps

Not all organizations have their own private connection to a service provider’s server. Sometimes, it’s just more convenient to use the public network. However, you still have to think about the security measures needed to protect internal communications.

DeskAlerts solves the problem by making an encryption solution that encrypts all the messages sent between the client and the DeskAlerts server using 256-bit encoding.

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Reduce costs, improve efficiency, and save money in every department

DeskAlerts delivers benefits across a wide variety of uses. Unlike other internal messaging systems, DeskAlerts offers the advantages of completely customizable server and desktop configurations, the added functionality of instant-feedback surveys, the ability to send desktop alerts from any location, Active Directory and eDirectory integration, multi-domain support; centralized data storage – all in one, easy-to-use.

What are the features of the DeskAlerts Encryption Solution?

Other than the 128-bit encoding feature, here are other features this module offers.


Embeddable URL format

You can make actionable content by linking external pages through embeddable URLs. You can connect people to the correct web pages instead of having them type it up and consume more time.


Multimedia support

The EAS platform can display images and videos as well as HTML and Flash format content. You can use this to relay engaging instructions more efficiently.


Documents attachment

You can attach documents in .docx, .pdf, and other formats to disseminate official information in a more stylish and formal manner.

How did the current Encryption Solution come to be?

Before, it was not possible for open network administrators to send corporate wallpapers and screensavers through the encrypted DeskAlerts network. Now, no matter how guarded or open the public network you use is, it’s easy to send them seamlessly, with the peace of mind that content will reach the recipients with zero damage and full functionality.

DeskAlerts is committed to delivering top-quality and functionality at any point so we immediately act to find a solution once glitches and complaints come up. When a number of open source network administrators approached us about the same complaint about corporate screensavers and wallpapers, we immediately discharged our best engineers for the development of a number of important updates.

We created a streamlined and seamless user experience that enables clients to capitalize on the strengths of DeskAlerts and maximize its full potential, even an open source environment.

What are the uses of wallpapers and screensavers that it needs to be encrypted?

Wallpapers and screensavers increase their value when they are used to communicate significant ideas within a company. These visual media are a remarkable opportunity to turn a boring screen to an engaging communication platform. It can be used to display corporate news, disseminate motivational messages, show invitations to important events, and deliver urgent alerts. Wallpapers and screensavers are versatile tools that can help any client’s communication needs.

What’s the big deal about open network data transfer? 

What’s the big deal about open network data transfer?

Open network data transfer is commonly used in hospitals and healthcare establishments and organizations everywhere in the world. It enables patients and visitors to gain access to the hospital’s data network.

However, this means private patient data can also be seen by people who have no business knowing them. This can have legal implications that may cause inconvenience to the unaware people and the establishments themselves.

This can even damage the reputation of third-party network providers but DeskAlerts choose to solve the problem instead, which resulted in the creation of our Encryption Solution.

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