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A completely web-based system for sending
desktop alerts, sms and e-mails from one place.

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DeskAlerts is completely web-based product

Get advanced, secure communication capabilities

DeskAlerts Control Panel allows you to send alerts and surveys, comes with a simple installation wizard, and can be installed company-wide in just a few minutes.
DeskAlerts is extremely intuitive and user-friendly.

DeskAlerts guarantees that every message will be shown on the desktop. It checks every message sent to every user, and confirms message receipt.

Key features in DeskAlerts include:

DeskAlerts Client - Agent

DeskAlerts Client installs on users' workstations and displays alerts that were sent from the DeskAlerts Control Panel. DeskAlerts Client is positioned conveniently in the icon tray.

DeskAlerts Client checks for new messages on the Server every minute by default . Poll periods are adjustable to allow for varying server capacity limits.

Key features include:

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