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Think Outside the Inbox

Rethink your communications strategy to reduce losses

Email has long been the method of choice for communicating with employees, but it is not a foolproof delivery method. Email is useless during network failures, can be accidentally filtered out by sensitive SPAM guards, and users routinely ignore, delete, or lightly skim emails.

Getting critical information to your workforce quickly and effectively increases efficiency, drives down costs.

It's time to rethink the way you communicate critical information. With a truly effective internal messaging strategy:

When you're experiencing technical difficulties:
Your IT staff can focus on fixing the problem - not answering hundreds of phone calls from employees.

When there is urgent company news:
you can be sure that all employees know about it.

DeskAlerts Delivers Effective Communication That Can't Be Missed

Rise above email "noise" with messages that command attention

DeskAlerts is a one-way, web-based alert notification system. It allows you to send alerts to specified recipients in the form of a pop-up windowThe DeskAlerts software automatically tracks and stores alert activity with centralized storage that provides instant reporting on user receipt.

DeskAlerts delivers measurable operationally efficiency:

  • Use the pre-loaded templates or create your own message
  • Send text, images, flash or video
  • Proactively communicate technical issues to the entire company - even when the email system is down
  • Dramatically reduce phone calls to the help desk during crises
  • Ensure the delivery of product and marketing updates
  • Set appointment reminders
  • Get quick feedback from surveys
  • Track receipts, responses, and save messages with centralized storage

DeskAlerts is completely web-based product

Get advanced, secure communication capabilities

DeskAlerts offers the best investment in an alert system because it combines flexibility and ease-of-use with comprehensive security and tracking for fail-safe communications.


  • Complete desktop and server customization allow to configure the system to meet your specific business needs
  • Modular architecture allows you to pick and choose which elements you want
  • Ability to integrate DeskAlerts with your internal programs


  • 128-bit strong key message encryption
  • Internal company hosting for enhanced control and protection
  • Centralized data storage provides full data control and easy back-ups


  • Easy-to-use, intuitive, wizard-based interface
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Easy to install with MSI
  • No end-user training
  • Target messages to specific audience

Cost efficiency

  • Fits within your current infrastructure, compatible with Active Directory, eDirectory
  • Intuitive interface delivers on plug-and-play usability - no training required
  • Modular system architecture means you pay only for what you need

No matter what the message, you can be sure they read it with DeskAlerts


1. Send alerts to different locations easily
2. No end-user training
3. Fully branded
4. Target messages to specific audience
5. Send desktop alerts, SMS, e-mails all at once
6. Reduce staff load during network failures

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