Active Directory Integration

How to configure and use Active Directory Integration with DeskAlerts


Keep target groups changes synchronized and updated

There’s no need to input all the names of all your employees into DeskAlerts  - the system can be integrated easily with your company’s Active Directory system, allowing you to set target groups based on your automatically synchronized AD Data.

No matter what you need, whether you have multi-domains or a complicated domain tree structure, you can export your Active Directory users to the DeskAlerts system. We support three ways of such integration: Classic AD integration, Sync Free and Azure Active Directory Integration.

DeskAlerts synchronizes with the Active Directory on a schedule, so any changes or updates to your system aren’t missed. – new users are automatically added and employees who have left the company are removed.

How You Can Use an Active Directory in Your Business

Active directory integration provides numerous advantages to end users and the company itself. For the company, including its IT team, active directory integration results to faster deployment of any software. Instant messaging systems, desktop alerts, email notification, and other communication software can be installed and run on the network through active directory integration. Network administrators can perform various tasks like adding and managing users, creating custom groups, scheduling synchronization dates and times, and more.

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Benefits of DeskAlerts’ Active Directory Integration

Integrating with Active Directory is one of the most vital features of DeskAlerts since it simplifies targeting the information in a large organization. Use existing organizational units and security groups to deliver the notifications on a location or role basis, or target selected individual recipients for maximum precision.

With Active Directory integration you can set up specific groups of users to target messages to, which will help you to get the most out of DeskAlerts’ functions.

For example, if you want to send important information to one particular team or to an office in a particular geographic location, the custom groups will enable you to do this without communicating with everyone else in the company.

With Active Directory integration DeskAlerts becomes the perfect way to send quizzes, questionnaires, mobile notifications and desktop alerts to different groups of employees in your company and to gather extended statistics about it.

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The ways DeskAlerts can be integrated with AD

AD synchronization

The AD synchronization is a process of retrieving the employee data straight from the AD domain controller via server to server communication. While moving the data over LDAP(s) protocol is considered generally faster than doing so over HTTP(s), it may induce certain security concerns.

To use AD synchronization with the cloud-hosted DeskAlerts, company needs to establish a trusted connection between the dedicated cloud server hosting DeskAlerts and its own internal network, possibly by setting up a VPN.

Sync-free desktop clients

If setting up a VPN is not considered an option, you can take advantage of the specially built desktop clients which communicate with the company AD and pass the data to DeskAlerts server over HTTP(s). This way you’re getting less information from AD to save bandwidth. 

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How does Active Directory Synchronization works?

Maximize the value of DeskAlerts solution by closely working with the project development team

If you need a tailored solution, DeskAlerts staff can provide an additional service where we will work with you to make custom Active Directory settings to suit your business’ unique needs.


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