Using Business Communication Solutions to Increase Efficiency

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 11:47:53 AM

The importance of communication in business can never be stressed enough. Effective communication brings a lot of benefits, one of which is increasing overall efficiency. This is why organizations always strive to keep tab of what is new and what they can use to improve the way they communicate. Thanks to new technologies like mobile solutions and cloud services, companies now have a wide range of business communication tools and applications to choose from.

Which business communication solutions should you use?

To succeed in business, you need simplified solutions that will drive your performance and overall efficiencies. That said, you must be able to cope with the trends and change with the times. The following communication solutions will enable your business to achieve its efficiency goal:

1. Social Intranet Software. Lets face it: if your methods of communication are outdated, you will come to the point where communication would fail. There will be silos, disorganized policies and a total breakdown of communication.

The initial response to this situation is to make use of new technologies in the hope of fixing the damage. One of the best tools to use is social intranet. With this software, you will be able to create a space for information that needs to be communicated regularly – be they policies, contracts, documents or resources your employees need to fulfill their tasks. Because the intranet is accessible to everyone, there will be less need for paperwork resulting in less overhead cost.

2. Tools for Collaboration. Instant messaging, and individual and group chats can serve as a space for collaboration, especially now that outsourcing is gradually becoming the norm. Through collaboration tools, you can work with anyone from any part of the world. Got a new idea for the ongoing project? Need an update? Have a quick question? Instant messaging can help you reach out to the people you need immediately, without the encumbrance of writing an email. These collaboration tools also allow you to share files easily, so you do not have to go filtering through thousands of your email to find the information or document that you need. Messaging also provides additional security you cannot get from social media accounts like Facebook or other similar applications.

3. Issue Tracking Software. If your company offers services, then this is a crucial tool that you must have in order to provide your customers the service they deserve. Solving customer issues can be a complicated and confusing process. When customers call in with an issue, responders have to file and track cases, most often taking a very long time. By using a software that tracks issues, employees can resolve cases in less time. Aside from effective tracking and monitoring, this software also allows you to collect feedback from customers, helping you get insights about how to serve your customers better. 

Similarly, your IT department can benefit from this tool, so that your tech issues can be filed, monitored and resolved in as little time as possible.

4. Internal videos and blogs. The key to a successful business is employee engagement. By using internal videos and blogs, you would be able to present your employees informative, entertaining and engaging content. Examples of great content are videos from the CEO, behind-the-scenes footage of some processes, and stories about certain employees. Of course, written content in your blogs must be enhanced with infographics and sections that require reader participation.

5. Forums. Forums are a great way to engage. Through this communication tool, you can build a community that values openness and teamwork. New employees can ask tenured workers for help and guidance. Seasoned employees feel valued as important members of the company, considered as experts in their own fields.

Is your company experiencing communication issues that are hampering your efficiency? Help your organization get back on track with these suggested business communication solutions.

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