Communication Solutions Every Business Should Have for Optimum Performance

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 12:09:33 PM

Business owners, big or small, may be well aware that communication is an integral part of a successful enterprise. Having a smooth-sailing external and internal communication system could seem like a complicated thing, but it doesn't have to be as long as the right tools are used to their maximum potential.

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Tools That Make Business Communication Possible and Efficient

So, what are the basic business communication solutions and how can business owners use them to reach maximum growth?

Santa Clara University's My Own Business Institute, which educates starting business owners, offers a good grasp of the basic business communication solutions that any enterprise should have.

“Communication is key to any business success. Unless potential clients and customers are aware of your business, they will not have the information to contact you or to purchase your products,” SCU's module for business communication solutions read. “When they are aware of your business, they must be able to contact it easily.”

The module's lists of basic communication solutions consists of:

  • Mail
  • Landline telephones/mobile phones/smart phones
  • Video and web conferencing
  • Social networking sites
  • Online chat tools
  • Fax machines
  • Computers (desktops, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, tablet computers), and
  • Handheld devices

The Importance of Relevant Software in Business Communication

SCU's module also discussed how important various computer softwares are, depending on the nature of the business. Aside from the basic operating system for computer and handheld devices, having specialized software to handle specific business-connected tasks in the work place is very important.

“You should consider financial and accounting software that is appropriate for your business,” SCU's module read. “Keep in mind that many accounting/bookkeeping software packages are not double-entry systems and care must be taken in making the entries correctly.”

“Keep in mind that home and professional versions of accounting software may not be compatible or may not be appropriate for your operating system,” the module continued. “Be sure to read specifications before you purchase.”

Forbes contributor H Lerner also emphasized how important communication is in any business, be it a multi-million company, or a startup.

Software That Makes Task Management a Lot Easier

Aside from the phone system, email hosting server, website platform, and file sharing communication solutions, Lerner also discussed how significant it is to have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which efficiently distributes client concerns to employees who would handle them. This would make customer service support a lot easier. The task of monitoring sales, marketing and prospects is also made easier with a CRM.

A Project Management System (PMS) can also be a very useful tool in a business. This keeps employees on track with their tasks and how much of their work they've accomplished so far. This would be very helpful in startup businesses that deal with completing projects and where monitoring the completion of each task is integral.

Identifying What Communication solutions to Use

So, how can a business owner identify which communication tool is needed in the enterprise? The first thing to do is to list down the regular tasks and operations that are expected of the team. By pin pointing the particular tasks that need to be addressed on a daily, or at least a regular basis, the business owner can then decide what types of business communication solutions and business software could immensely improve the productivity of the enterprise.

After identifying the types of tasks that need to be monitored or automated, a business owner must then choose from a variety of computer systems and pick out which will be the most appropriate and best-suited for the type and nature of business, as well as the working conditions of the employees (e.g., telecommute jobs, etc.)

With numerous business communication solutions to choose from in the market, a business owner could certainly find one that would help make the enterprise much more efficient without breaking the bank.

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