Communication Solutions Every Business Needs

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 4:48:29 PM

Companies today require more than the companies of yesteryear to get ahead. Technology has made it so that companies who are unable to or refuse to integrate corporate communication solutions in the workplace have a hard time competing with organizations that do.

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While organizations may vary in size and industry, here are some of the more common communication solutions every company needs in order to stay on top of the game:

1. Mobile

More and more employees are using their personal mobile devices not only for their personal lives, but also for work. This is because mobile devices such as tablets and phones allow for convenience while retaining meaty features and applications that promote and fuel productivity, efficiency and creativity. Due to their mobility and convenience, the fortunate thing about mobile devices is that employees are more likely to have the device on them majority of the time.

When companies utilize corporate communication solutions such as this, they are able to reach and communicate with staff members at a more efficient and quicker rate.

2. Social Intranet

The intranet is a private portal where employees can access news, updates, and information on policies. They are also able to ask questions, and communicate with other employees through this platform.

The tricky and challenging part of the intranet is actually making it more social. While the intranet is accessible for all employees, some may not even access it due to lack of interest. This can be remedied by making the portal more social, by allowing for interaction through it and by making sure that its interface is user friendly and visually appealing.

3. Videos

According to previous studies, around 72 percent of communications teams plan to increase their use of YouTube-like videos in order to communicate with their employees. These corporate communication solutions can be accessed through a video library wherein staff members can search for them, comment on them, tag them, embed them, as well as upload their own. This not only enhances and promotes the sharing of information, but strengthens the relationships of workers within an organization.

4. Digital Signage

Digital signage allows for the constant exposure of employees to company ideals and objectives, new policies, and even motivational words. Due to the visual nature of corporate communication solutions such as this, videos and images that stream through them should be appealing, should catch one’s attention and should effectively inculcate into the minds of viewers the message the company wants to relay.

The great thing about digital signage is that aside from being able to expose employees to intended messages throughout the work day, this dissemination does not interfere with their work.

5. Gamification

Gamification is a strategy wherein companies turn mundane, tedious tasks into fun activities for employees to engage in. These fun activities include badging, leader boards, levelling and completion bars.

When companies are able to get acquainted with gamification, they are able to integrate this strategy into their internal communication plan. For example, recognition and reward can be given to employees who access the intranet and contribute to it a lot.

6. Communication Solutions that Promote Employee Engagement

There are several corporate communication solutions that fall under this category. The idea behind this category is that communication results in employee engagement, and employee engagement leads to more productivity, creativity and of course, commitment to the company.

There are a lot of opportunities out there to boost engagement, such as newsletters, workshops and sessions which promote the sharing of ideas, training programs, chat groups and instant messengers, and even basic email. Whatever tool is opted for, the important thing to remember is to give employees a voice, and to make them feel like valued members of the team and company.

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