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Why Companies Should Invest in a Desktop Alert Software

When Ray Tomlinson invented the email in the early 1970s, little did he know that it would become the most widely used communication medium on the planet. Some 40 years after the very first email message was sent, there are now more than 2.5 billion email users worldwide. This means that one in every three persons in the world have an email account.

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Yes the email is that popular and widely used but it doesn’t mean that it is the perfect communication tool in the workplace. It still has its disadvantages. For one, an email message can be easily missed, whether intentional or not. An employee who has a cluttered inbox may not be able to notice an important message. Or the employee may totally ignore the message by deleting it.

These limitations of email has led to the rise of another popular communication medium in the office—desktop alert software. It is different from email in certain ways. For one, there’s no escaping a desktop alert as the message appears on the PC screen of an employee. Moreover, the sender will know that the message has been read by the recipient.

Sending of messages through a desktop alert software is faster than email. Messages coursed through the system will automatically be displayed on the computer screens. Email, on the other hand, needs to be refreshed every now and then so that new messages will appear.


Aside from those advantages of desktop alert software over email, there are other benefits it brings to any organization that invests in this type of program.

The internal communications department stands to be the prime beneficiary of this type of communication tool. With desktop alerts, the department will have an additional tool to reach out to the rest of the organization. Some of the messages that the department can send through the program are weather alerts, company news, event reminders, schedule of meetings, among others.

Other departments will also benefit from a strengthened internal communications. Marketing, for example, will be kept in the loop about new products and services that the company is about to launch. The department may also be updated on industry trends that can affect their marketing strategies.

The customer service department, on the other hand, will be informed on new product launches. And the rest of the organization will know the company is doing as the latest press releases or the newest corporate ads may be relayed through this system.

Customer service team will be informed on how to deal with new issues, while the entire workforce will be updated on the newest corporate ad, or the latest press release.

Desktop alert software can also be used to alert employees of inclement weather. The system can notify employees about a brewing storm headed towards the area where the business is located. Or it can inform workers about traffic advisories, Internet downtime, and other similar events that may cause employee inconvenience.

Human resources will also find a desktop alert software very useful, particularly in soliciting employee feedback. Desktop alerts can send instant surveys right to the desktop of employees, who only need a few clicks to fill out the poll. And unlike email, there is no way for employees to skip the poll so HR will get the feedback they need.

Finally, desktop alerts can increase employee engagement. Whether it is used for sharing company goals, promoting the values that the company espouses, or inviting employees about an upcoming corporate event, this program can do a lot of wonders as far as improving employee engagement is concerned. There’s no denying that desktop alert software is a very practical investment for any business.

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