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Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 12:15:05 PM

Thanks to technological advancements, companies now have more ways to promote communication in the workplace. While e-mail remains widely used in the corporate world, it is not exactly considered most modern. There are now a lot of corporate communication tools and solutions that have addressed the limitations of e-mail as a communication medium, providing a better communication tool for employers and employees.

These corporate communication tools include:

1. Desktop alert systems

Corporate communicators are very much aware that the busy office employee won’t have the time to open his email inbox, much more read every e-mail. This makes communicating urgent messages a challenge. However, the use of desktop alert system has proven to be a very clever and practical method of delivering urgent messages to the rest of the organization.

Firms use desktop alert systems to inform their workers about important notifications such as emergency alerts during fires, terrorist attacks, and other events when a speedy evacuation of everyone in the building is the top priority.

Desktop alert systems can also be tapped to remind employees about other important things, like an upcoming corporate event where their attendance is needed. It can also be utilized to provide employees with information on new products and services.

2. Video conferencing

While companies in the 90s and early 2000s were already using telephone conferencing, there were a lot of limitations in the said communication medium. For one, there are instances when a live visual demonstration is more appropriate than describing a product or service.

But with the advent of video conferencing, it is now possible for managers, supervisors, executives, and ordinary employees to literally see what they’re discussing. It has also benefited companies in terms of reduced costs, as remote employees don’t have to fly in just to make a presentation before management or the board.

3. File sharing

Before file sharing apps or programs were introduced, workers had to email every file they wanted to share with a colleague even if the latter was sitting just a foot away from them. Alternatively, they use portable media devices like USB to transfer and share files. Those practices were time-consuming, to say the least.

Thanks to file sharing software, it is now possible for anyone across the network to easily share actual files and folders saved on his computer. Even better, these corporate communications tools would update any file that has been updated or added on a computer’s hard drive.

4. Customer Relationship Management tool

It can be pretty hard for a typical employee to keep track of hundreds of emails coming and going on a regular basis. It’s also hard to remember what a frontline staff told a client, whom he sent a follow up email to, or which department has to be contacted for a particular issue. Hiring more staff members wasn’t the best solution as it only adds up to the company’s payroll.

Instead, companies found that the use of a customer relationship management tool was a more practical approach in solving these common issues in the workplace. A CRM system allows employees to interact with existing clients and prospects, keep track of sales, and remember everything they need to remember to better serve their customers and even help their colleagues.

5. Intranet

Another of the more indispensable corporate communications solutions today is the Intranet, or a private network contained in an enterprise. Much like the Internet, the Intranet facilitates knowledge sharing in an organization. Companies are able to reduce costs, improve interdepartmental relationships, improve relationships with customers and suppliers, and enhance transparency in the organization by using this platform. Moreover, employees feel more valued when their companies make available all the information they need on the Intranet.

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