Corporate Communication Tools for Any Business

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 12:15:57 PM

Technology has streamlined communication in the workplace like never before. While email still continues to persist in organizations today, this tool isn’t considered as the most modern. While email has its limits, newer corporate communication tools have proven to provide more limitless features that further communication between employers, managers and staff members.

Some of the more common tools used today include:

1. Desktop alert systems. 

While email is certainly an efficient communication tool in itself, it loses its effectivity if it isn’t read. Those involved with opting for communication tools in the workplace know that employees are typically too busy to open their inboxes to check for new messages. What a desktop alert system does is provide a practical and convenient methodology of delivering important and urgent messages to people in the company.

Companies use desktop alert systems to send out messages to their staff to notify them of corporate events and meetings they need to attend, inform them of new services and products being offered by the company, and even notify them of emergency situations in the workplace such as fires and terrorist attacks so that they can evacuate the premises quickly.

2. Video conferencing.

Corporate communication tools such as telephone conferencing were already being utilized in the 1990s and early 200s; however, there were a lot of limitations in these tools. For example, live visual demos of products or services were simply more appropriate than describing them over the phone.

Now because of video conferencing, people are able to see what is being discussed and how it is being demonstrated. It also reduces to cost of having to fly in managers and employees to make presentations before the board of directors of a company.

3. File sharing.

Before the advent of file sharing programs, employees had to share their files via email or by transferring them through USBs and external hard drives if the files that needed to be shared were too large to be send through email. However, these practices proved to be time-consuming and inefficient.

With corporate communication tools such as file sharing software and applications, files are shared more easily. Once files are uploaded to a particular folder, these are automatically synced and uploaded to the folder of the person who needs them. This makes even the biggest files easy to send.

4. Customer Relationship Management System (CRM).

Employees can have a very hard time regularly tracking emails especially if hundreds come in all at once. It would also be difficult to remember if staff has already answered a client’s query or to which department messages have been sent for resolution. And even if a company hires more employees, these difficulties won’t be resolved.

What companies found, instead, is that corporate communication tools such as customer relationship management system are more practical and efficient when resolving common challenges in the workplace.

A CRM system not only enables employees to communicate with clients and prospective customers, it also helps keep track of sales and queries, and furthers customer service and internal communications.

5. Intranet.

The Intranet is one of the most vital communication tools in the workplace today. It is a private network utilized by organizations which allows the sharing of knowledge and information while boosting employee morale, creativity and engagement. People get a sense of belonging, and feel like they are valued members of the organization.

The intranet gets people more involved and enables them to communicate with staff members from other departments. It also enhances their relationships with clients and suppliers while increasing transparency within the company.

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