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Why Companies Should Invest in an Emergency Mass Notification System

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 1:28:01 PM

Disaster can strike anytime, anywhere. An earthquake can happen anytime, causing irreparable damage to an establishment and putting the lives of many people in danger. Terrorist attacks can sow fear amongst workers. Situations like a burst water pipe may sound less traumatic, but can still disrupt business operations. It is during these instances that an emergency mass notification system becomes valuable to an organization.

Mass Notification

Emergency mass notification system is one of the most vital components of a company’s emergency action plan. Through this system, an organization can immediately alert its employees to evacuate the building or the workplace during an emergency situation such as:

  • Earthquake
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Floods
  • Tornadoes
  • Hurricanes
  • Fires
  • Explosions
  • Chemical spills
  • Toxic gas releases
  • Civil disturbances
  • Workplace violence

There are several good reasons why companies should invest in an emergency mass notification system:

1. It allows management to communicate with the staff in the shortest time possible, something that other communication tools like email won’t afford them. With an emergency mass notification system in place, companies will be able to reach out to its workers as quickly as possible and warn them about an ongoing crisis.

For instance, a construction firm can immediately notify its workers in the field about a brewing storm headed in its area. Workers, then, can evacuate the site and head to a safer place. This is something that is hard to achieve through other communication channels like email, because workers in the field don’t check their computers regularly.

Through a mass notification system, management can send out alerts to handheld devices of their workers in the field. This way, employees will be informed right away of an impending crisis and they can take the necessary steps to ensure their safety.

2. It facilitates delivery of the message through multiple platforms. A good mass emergency notification program can deliver alerts through a wide range of channels. Mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and Blackberry are ideal for field-based employees. Office workers, on the other hand, can be reached through email, push notifications, mobile phones, VoIP, and fax machines.

3. An emergency mass notification system can also eliminate guess work and human error during an ongoing crisis as members of an emergency response committee can customize templates accordingly. They can pre-define the message, or select recipients for any scenario. They can record voice alerts or prepare text messages that can be sent through multiple channels.

These messages or alerts can then be sent by authorized personnel during an ongoing crisis. This spares the emergency response team from having to think of a message alert during a tense situation, so they can focus on other more important things like coordinating the evacuation of workers.

4. An emergency mass notification program also allows its users to track message delivery, receipt and responses. This is another feature that other traditional communication tools like email and phones don’t have.

Many of the emergency mass notification software sold in the market today can display charts and visual meters to show progress at a glance. Thus, the emergency response team would immediately know how many employees have received the message about evacuating the building, or seeking shelter from a storm.

Moreover, emergency response team members can send follow up alerts based on the current responses. For example, the emergency response committee can send a message to a particular worker who indicated that he needs assistance.

With these benefits that a company can gain from an emergency mass notification system, it can be concluded that this type of software is a very practical investment that any firm should consider getting.

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