How to Create an IT outage Notification with DeskAlerts

Caroline Duncan - Nov 21, 2017 11:32:28 AM

If your organization is experiencing an IT systems outage either as a result of scheduled maintenance or because of a fault or failure, it can create inconvenience and even havoc for your employees who rely on these systems to do their work.


IT outage notifications


Communicating with your staff effectively about the outage will help them to remain as productive as possible through the outage.

For example, if their role allows it, they may elect to do some work that doesn’t rely on IT systems. If it’s just issues with internet access, perhaps they could work from home or somewhere else while the issue is being resolved.

DeskAlerts can help you to keep your staff informed throughout an IT outage. This internal communications solution is software that enables you to send pop-up notifications straight to your staff’s computers advising them of a systems outage.


Messages can be scheduled in advance, so you can also give your employees plenty of notice if you know there is going to be a scheduled outage for critical maintenance.

You can send these notifications several times so they do not forget. For example if you are able to give notice a week or more out this will help people make plans in advance for the maintenance period. However many people might forget so a reminder the day before, and then again the day of the maintenance will allow them to save their work and make other plans.

With DeskAlerts you can prepare message templates in advance that will save you time when you have an IT outage to contend with – all you have to do is fill in the missing details related to the incident you are dealing with.

When it comes to sending notifications, you can send to your entire organization or niche groups. For example if an outage is affecting just one office in a particular city, or perhaps it is affecting a software package used by one work team only, you can send messages to just those employees. This means you won’t unnecessarily bother everyone else with the information.

When determining what to tell your employees, it’s important that you are up-front about what you know and what you don’t know so you are able to manage expectations.

When the outage is one that has caught you by surprise, you should send an initial notification to staff advising that the IT department is aware of an issue and is investigating the cause.

As DeskAlerts can be sent to the desktop PCs of every staff member, they will be less compelled to phone and overload your IT helpdesk, allowing your staff to get on with the job of identifying and solving the issue.

Once the issue has been identified and you are working to restore it, you can send a further DeskAlerts notification advising what the issue is, the estimated time until service is restored as well as any other recommendations you may have for staff in the meantime to continue to work during the outage.

And if the situation changes you can send further notifications to keep staff informed about estimated restoration times. Again, this will continue to take pressure off your helpdesk.

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