How to Deliver Critical Communication with DeskAlerts

Caroline Duncan - Nov 9, 2017 2:45:06 PM

When you have to deliver important information to everyone in your organization, you need a solution that is cost-effective, easy to use and gets results.


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Whether you want to let people know of an emergency or other urgent situation, you have an important announcement to make or you want your staff to be aware of something affecting your company before they see it on the news that night, you need a communications tool that cuts through the digital clutter to deliver your news.

The perfect solution is DeskAlerts – an internal communications tool that has a variety of uses that ensures your critical communications are sent to the right audience, in the right place at the right time.

DeskAlerts is software that delivers messages to your employees’ computer screens. You can choose to send via different types of notification channels such as desktop pop-up windows, email notifications, desktop tickers, wallpapers, screen savers, SMS notifications and more.

The system has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to send your messages to the recipients you specify: you can send to the entire organization, or just a select group of employees. This allows you to tailor content that is specific to peoples’ jobs, locations, interests and more.

The main benefits to using DeskAlerts to send critical communication include:

Reliability: DeskAlerts pop-ups appear on the screens of your employees no matter what software they are using at the time – it will appear on top of anything else that is on their screens. It will even appear if their computers are asleep or in screensaver mode.

Unlike emails, which are often ignored and unopened, you can be sure your people will see your DeskAlerts messages.

Timeliness: If something urgent needs to be communicated, you can send it quickly with DeskAlerts and people will see it in real time – not when they next check their emails.

If you have an important announcement to make to the world that is under embargo, you can schedule DeskAlerts notifications in advance to tell your employees at the same time you’re telling the outside world.

Versatility: DeskAlerts templates can be customized to suit your corporate branding. You can even create templates in advance that you can use in specific situations, for example during an emergency, meaning all you have to do is populate the relevant content and save yourself time.

DeskAlerts can also be used to deliver video messages in a variety of formats, as well as link to information on your corporate intranet site.

Feedback: Sometimes critical communications might require you to find out information from staff. DeskAlerts will allow you to create polls or quizzes and gauge a response from your people.

Measurement: DeskAlerts has a built-in metrics tool that will let enable you to determine which of your employees have received a message and which have not. DeskAlerts requires a user response when it appears on screens.

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