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How to Improve Internal Communications with Corporate Desktop Wallpapers

Anton Vdovin - Sep 2, 2016 6:18:06 PM

How to Improve Internal Communications with Corporate Desktop Wallpapers

There are tons of communication tools out there that companies can opt for in order to improve and promote communication between leaders, managers and staff members. Examples of these tools include newsletters, the intranet, email, instant messaging, and even corporate desktop wallpapers.

While the benefits of a corporate desktop wallpaper may be overlooked, this communication tool is actually vital in improving the internal communications of an organization.

Here are some of the ways these wallpapers can improve internal communications in the workplace:

1. It helps employees align with the mission and vision of the company.

When new hires join a company, it is not unusual for the HR and communications department to brief them on the mission and vision of the company. However, this single occasion may not be enough to truly inculcate in employees what the company seeks to achieve.

Through the use of a corporate desktop wallpaper, staff members can be constantly reminded of the mission and vision of the company without annoying them or intruding on their work. When employees are reminded of these, they are better able to align their own work and position towards these goals. By aligning themselves with the mission and vision of the organization, the staff members are able to work with the company towards these objectives.

2. It allows for the less disruptive dissemination of news and updates.

While phone calls and email messages can be disruptive, messages sent through a corporate desktop wallpaper are done so without interrupting the workflow of staff members. Messages appear onscreen without interfering with what employees are working on.

The fortunate thing is that while this communication tool is not disruptive, its presence ensures management that the messages they send will be delivered and read by those who need to be informed.

3. It gives the workplace a professional feel.

Having a standard corporate desktop wallpaper gives the workplace a professional feel. When employees choose their own wallpapers, they may opt for photos or illustrations that are inappropriate or informal. These choices may not be suitable for the workplace and may not give the space the professional feel it needs to have.

4. It helps promote programs and updates employees on new policies.

Employees need to know information that are relevant to them. Management can quickly and easily send news and updates regarding policies and programs through desktop wallpapers. Policies and programs (such as training programs, wellness programs, and others) are particularly relevant and important to all staff members in an organization.

While other modes of communication can still be used to disseminate information, management is assured that those who are working at their desks will see and read the messages.

5. It helps remind employees of important events.

A scheduled reminder can be sent through these desktop wallpapers so that employees who are at their desks do not forget about important events and meetings that require their attendance. Because they are highly unlikely to miss the messages send through this communication tool, attendance to these important events are more likely to increase.

6. It helps improve employee engagement and boosts motivation.

While this communication tool can certainly be used to inform employees regarding news and updates regarding the company and the industry they belong to, it can also be utilized to inspire, motivate and engage. Managers and the communication department can use the corporate desktop wallpaper to send motivational quotes, congratulatory remarks and even words of wisdom to staff members. Having these on one’s desktop screen the whole day will solidify these thoughts and sayings in them and will help them get through the challenges at work.

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