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Anton Vdovin - Sep 22, 2017 1:52:28 PM

Modern office communication software has made it a lot easier for today’s employees to become more productive, and allows for quicker communication with other staff members. Unlike three decades ago when communication was rather difficult and tedious, today’s means of communication allows for the delivery of messages in a matter of seconds.

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The following are the tools you need in your workplace in order to promote and encourage good and effective communication:

1. Desktop Alert Systems

This is one of the most effective office communication software out there. Although email continues to be one of the most utilized communication tools in the corporate world, the said medium does have particular issues that desktop alert systems are able to address.

When management wants to send out notifications through this system, messages are delivered in the form of pop-up alerts. These messages, which are typically urgent and/or important, can range from notifications about emergencies in the workplace such as earthquakes and fires, IT advisories and activity or event reminders. Desktop alerts ensure that messages are delivered and read, unlike email messages which could potentially be missed and ignored especially if one’s inbox is full.

2. Project Management Tools

Office communication software such as project management tools help promote collaboration in the workplace, which then translates to productivity and camaraderie. It can be utilized in the different aspects of the company such as managing operations and projects, tracking and allocating resources, designating tasks and responsibilities, creating and sharing contacts, tracking inventory and sales, and others.

These tools also help employees get informed about the offerings of the company, which then results in greater profits and revenue for the organization.

3. Private Social Network

This channel is a private program that connects staff members, managers and executives to each other. A private social network allows for clearer communication and promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing.

In a lot of instances, this medium is utilized as a central file location wherein documents, comments, information and others can be commented on, searched, shared, uploaded and downloaded.

4. Instant Messaging Applications

Tools such as this are now being widely used in the corporate world. Not only do instant messaging applications allow for more seamless and instant communication, it is also a perfect supplement to email. However, unlike email which is utilized for more formal interactions, such as newsletters and memos, instant messaging serves as a more informal line of communication. It also promotes camaraderie between colleagues.

5. Video Conferencing

This particular office communication software is vital for organizations that employ remote staff members. It is a much more practical and effective tool compared to telephone conferencing as the parties involved are able to see each other. For example, live demos of products and services are easier to feature and understand through this medium.

Tools such as this gives the company tons of benefits such as reduced travel costs and efforts. Video conferencing allows for effective communication even if employees are not in the geographical space of management, and management no longer has to pay for their fare so that they can make a presentation at corporate headquarters.

The above mentioned are five of the most commonly used communication tools in the workplace today. Companies opt for these tools due to the fact that they improve communication, increase productivity and creativity, and promote camaraderie and collaboration. They also, of course, help send out information as quickly as possible. Knowing the benefits you can get from these tools, it is wise and very practical to integrate them into your communication strategies and plans.

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