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Stop Email Overload with DeskAlerts

Email is one of the biggest sources of angst for the modern employee. Constant disruptions from new emails arriving in their inboxes, not having enough time to respond to new messages and constantly feeling as though they need to check their inbox throughout the day are common complaints from frustrated office workers.


manage email overload


In fact, the American Psychological Association recently found that constantly checking electronic devices was linked to significant stress for most Americans.

It’s little wonder – workers are estimated to spend around 28 per cent of their working week managing emails.

Research from the University of California Irvine found that office workers were interrupted approximately every three minutes because of email – and then it would take 23 minutes for them to return to the task they were originally doing.

And then there’s the other factor that when you are receiving that much every day, not everything will be opened. Important information can go unnoticed or missed.

When you are tasked with the job of communicating with your company’s employees, email is usually the first thing that comes to mind. But are your employees opening your email communications? The reality of email overload is that you are either contributing to the burden of their inbox when you send them email communications, or they won’t have time to open it. Or both!

But some things are too important not to share with your employees. It’s time to think outside the square and reinvent the way you deliver internal communications campaigns in your company.

If you’re ready to make that leap, you need to embrace DeskAlerts – an internal communications software solution that will revolutionize the way your company communicates with staff without overloading their inboxes.

DeskAlerts allows you to send instant alerts to specified recipients in the form of a pop-up window that appears on their PC desktop – regardless of what software they are using, or if the computer is in screensaver mode or asleep.

Messages sent via DeskAlerts cannot be ignored or minimized and require a user response, so you know for sure that they’ve seen it.

This way important information will reach your staff – something that is critical for your company’s success – without racking up bigger numbers in their inboxes.

Features that make it a great alternative to email include:

Video: Send video content direct to employees’ desktops in a variety of formats.

HTML: You can link your employees to more information such as on your company Intranet site where they can gain a more in-depth understanding of your messaging.

Targeting: Send to the entire organization, or just to a niche audience if it is more appropriate.

Templates: You can customize templates to suit your branding and give your DeskAlerts messages a consistent look and feel.

Metrics: DeskAlerts easy-to-use interface includes a metrics panel that allows you to see, in real time, which of your employees have seen your communications.

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