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Caroline Duncan - Apr 9, 2019 8:50:12 PM

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Channels for IT Communication

Caroline Duncan - Jan 10, 2019 5:23:58 PM

Your IT department has an important role to play in your organization, keeping it connected with information technology software and hardware, troubleshooting, providing advice and support and making sure that employees are able to carry out their day-to-day work.

Topics: Desktop Alerts Software- Cybersecurity- Mass notification- Helpdesk- Internet Security

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How to Notify Your Employees in One Minute When There Is an Active Shooter

Caroline Duncan - Nov 28, 2018 11:00:00 AM

If an active shooter is on the loose, you’ll have little-to-no warning that they are about to attempt to kill and injure people.

Topics: Alert Software- Desktop Alerts- Desktop Alerts Software- Emergency Alert System

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Best Way to Measure Your Internal Communication Efforts

Caroline Duncan - Nov 15, 2018 1:29:27 PM

When you develop an internal communication strategy, not only is it important to determine what you want to say, but you need to work out who you are going to say it to, when you will say it, how often you will communicate, and what delivery channels you are going to use to send this information.

Topics: Alert Software- Desktop Alerts Software

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Benefits of Real-time Mass Notification and API Integration

Caroline Duncan - Nov 1, 2018 4:19:37 PM

Different industries have different priorities and different needs. What you might need to quickly alert your employees to if you work in a manufacturing plant is going to be different to what a financial company needs to alert its employees to quickly.

Topics: Alert Software- Desktop Alerts Software- Mass notification

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Benefits of Lock Screen Employee Communications

Caroline Duncan - Oct 26, 2018 5:29:17 PM

When you’re running internal communications campaigns, you often need to deliver the same information, several times, in different ways, using different channels in order for your messages to sink in.

Topics: Desktop Alerts Software- Internal Communication Channels

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Why You Need the DeskAlerts Multilanguage Interface and Multilanguage Alerts

Caroline Duncan - Oct 19, 2018 8:21:39 PM

When your company works in different countries, in different time zones across the globe, with different languages and cultural considerations, different opinions and different levels of education, you have your work cut out for you in terms of internal communications.

Topics: Improve Corporate Communication- Desktop Alerts Software

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The Benefits of DeskAlerts SSO for Your Business

Caroline Duncan - Oct 18, 2018 7:13:08 PM

The DeskAlerts internal communication software solution just got easier to use, with an enhanced Single Sign-On (SSO) function.

Topics: Desktop Alerts Software

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Benefits of the DeskAlerts Mobile App

Caroline Duncan - Sep 20, 2018 3:46:55 PM

When you build a strong internal culture within your organization, you’re putting down rock-solid foundations that you can build the rest of your business around. Without a stable foundation, things can collapse or fall apart fairly quickly.

Topics: Desktop Alerts Software

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DeskAlerts: Custom Desktop Alerts for Your Law Firm

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 2:50:03 PM

Topics: Desktop Alerts Software

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