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Emergency Notification System For Schools

7 min read

School Alert System For 2023 – 5 Emergency Message Templates

Keeping students and staff safe during an emergency is a priority for administrators in schools, colleges and universities around the world.

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education intranet software

6 min read

Guide to Education Intranet Software for Schools and Higher Education

Modern educational institutions need to be powered by modern software solutions that benefit staff and students and make administrative and learning...

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laptops loaned out for learning

4 min read

How To Ensure Your School’s Laptops Are Returned After COVID-19

Schools and other educational institutions have had to shift to new learning models during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has often meant students...

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2 min read

How Educated Employees Benefit Your Business

Unfortunately, many companies fail to see the value of investing in employee education, or see it as something that they can’t afford to do, or it’s...

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