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Inclement Weather Policies for Hospitals: A Guide for 2022

Caroline Duncan - Jul 21, 2022 7:14:42 PM

Is your healthcare organization prepared for how it will continue to operate in the event of a severe weather episode? Inclement weather policies for hospitals are important to guide the organization when the weather turns nasty.

Topics: Healthcare- Emergency communications

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Culture of Safety in Healthcare: 5 Steps to Success

Caroline Duncan - Jul 14, 2022 8:53:00 PM

Creating a culture of safety in healthcare is necessary to ensure that the health, safety and wellbeing of your employees and patients alike is a priority for your organization. Implementing a safety culture in a healthcare setting can be challenging, however.

Topics: Healthcare- Emergency communications

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Hospital Emergency Preparedness Tips for Management 2022

Caroline Duncan - Mar 17, 2022 7:23:00 PM

Emergencies can strike at any time. Whether it’s a natural disaster like an earthquake, hurricane, flood or tornado, or if it’s a man-made disaster like terrorism or an active shooter, you never know what could be around the corner.

You obviously can’t rely on a crystal ball to predict when most emergency situations are going to take place, but the next best thing is being prepared for a range of different scenarios.

Topics: Emergency Alert System- Healthcare- Emergency communications

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IT Departments in Hospitals: Role And Benefits

Caroline Duncan - Jan 13, 2022 7:00:00 PM

Hospital IT departments have an essential role to play in assisting hospital staff to manage and care for patients. These systems are so essential and ingrained into modern-day hospitals that it can literally be a matter of life or death if they stop working effectively.

Topics: Healthcare- IT Issues- IT communications- Digital signage

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Best Employee Engagement Activities in Healthcare

Caroline Duncan - Sep 30, 2021 12:45:00 AM

Do you know how engaged your healthcare employees are? Do you know about the link between employee engagement and patient satisfaction?

Topics: Healthcare

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The Importance of Internal Communications in Healthcare

Caroline Hamilton - Jun 25, 2021 5:00:00 PM

Internal communication in healthcare is important for positive patient outcomes and to ensure that healthcare organizations run smoothly and efficiently. However, internal communications in the healthcare industry can be extremely challenging compared to other industries.

Topics: Healthcare- Internal Communication Best Practices

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How To Beat Internal Communication Issues In Healthcare?

Caroline Duncan - Dec 11, 2020 12:15:00 AM

The ultimate guide for 2021 + free infographic.

Hospitals and healthcare organizations have unique needs when it comes to internal communication. They are large and complex organizations where the stakes are high – if the proper information isn’t sent and received well internally it can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Topics: Improve Corporate Communication- Healthcare

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IT And Healthcare: How To Lower The Risk Of Human Errors

Caroline Duncan - Jan 31, 2020 5:19:00 PM

Human errors with IT are a serious issue affecting the healthcare sector around the world.

Topics: Healthcare- Internet Security

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10 Digital Tips For Effective Internal Communication In Healthcare

Caroline Duncan - Jan 17, 2020 11:42:00 PM

When internal communication is done well within a healthcare organization, staff are better informed, are more engaged, are less likely to make mistakes, and the outcomes and experiences for patients are greater.

Topics: Healthcare

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How To Achieve Communication Excellence In The Healthcare Industry

Caroline Duncan - Oct 17, 2019 6:00:54 PM

Internal communications is an important aspect in any organization for forging a strong internal culture and ensuring that critical information is shared between management and employees. 

Topics: Healthcare

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