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30 Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions to Ask and a Guide for 2021

Caroline Duncan - Sep 2, 2021 6:52:00 PM

Employee satisfaction surveys are an essential tool for any workplace. They give valuable insights into your workforce and a range of useful metrics so that you can make changes. In the modern workplace, particularly as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to create disruption and health and wellbeing issues, they are even more important than ever before.

Topics: HR Communications

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Creating A Culture Of Safety In The Workplace: 15 Tips For 2021

Caroline Duncan - Aug 31, 2021 10:08:53 PM

Your employees are your most important asset, and you have a legal and moral responsibility to ensure that they are safe in the workplace. However, safety isn’t just a job for management: every member of your team has an important role to play in keeping the workplace safe.

Topics: HR Communications- Emergency communications

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Safety Communications In The Workplace: 10 Best Strategies For 2021

Caroline Duncan - Aug 27, 2021 6:15:21 PM

Creating a safe workplace for your employees isn’t something that just happens by osmosis. Instead, it takes a concerted effort from management to set and maintain safety standards and guide and educate employees. Workplace safety communication is a critical part of this – there’s little point in having policies and procedures if people don’t know about them and don’t know what’s expected of them.

Topics: Emergency Alert System- HR Communications- Emergency communications

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Online Onboarding: 14 Consecutive Steps Towards Success (+checklist)

Caroline Duncan - Aug 6, 2021 7:04:45 PM

A strategic and uniform process to onboard new recruits is essential to ensure they have a good understanding of the company, its culture, goals, processes, and procedures. With more and more employees working remotely, it’s essential to have an online onboarding process in place to ensure a consistent experience no matter where the employees are located.

Topics: HR Communications

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Safety Messages To Employees: The 15 Best Ideas Besides “be safe”

Caroline Duncan - Jul 23, 2021 9:10:55 PM

Building a safety culture in your organization, where employees understand what procedures they must take to be safe and how to report any hazards should be one of your top priorities. Not only will a safe workplace help to keep your employees motivated with high levels of morale, there are many benefits to the organization as a whole to do this.

Topics: Emergency Alert System- HR Communications

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Anonymous Survey At Work: Maximizing The Effectiveness

Caroline Duncan - Jun 3, 2021 11:00:00 PM

Employee surveys are an extremely useful tool to gather information and data from your workforce. You can use them to gain insights that you wouldn’t otherwise have about your organization from the people who are at the coal-face.

Topics: HR Communications

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Workplace Vaccination Policy During COVID-19

Caroline Duncan - Apr 29, 2021 5:30:00 PM

As COVID-19 vaccinations are increasingly available worldwide, many employers wonder if they can insist upon or encourage their employees to get vaccinated to protect themselves, their colleagues, their clients and help get the workplace to return to something approaching normal. Creating a COVID vaccination policy can help you and your employees to navigate this issue together.

Topics: HR Communications- COVID-19

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Corporate Compliance Program: What You Need To Know In 2021

Caroline Duncan - Mar 26, 2021 7:42:00 PM

Many companies can find themselves in hot water when they don’t have the proper framework in place to ensure that they meet all their legal responsibilities. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Having a successful corporate compliance program in place will help to ensure your organization operates lawfully and meets all of its obligations with relevant laws and regulations.

Topics: HR Communications- Corporate compliance

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Employee Performance Management Tool You Should Try In 2021

Caroline Duncan - Mar 13, 2021 3:47:04 AM

Managing and monitoring employee performance is an important priority for most organizations. It ensures that employees understand what is expected of them as well as any learning and development needs, goals and accountability to the organization. The process of performance management can be made easier if you have the right tools to measure, report on, and manage employee progress.

Topics: HR Communications

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Digital Workforce Experience: What Employers Need To Know

Caroline Duncan - Feb 12, 2021 4:00:00 PM


The experience your employees have with digital systems in the workplace contributes to their overall experience of being part of the company. The way that they interact with the technology, how reliable it is, how easy it is to use, how it helps them to access information and data and how it helps them be productive and efficient all combine to create an overall digital employee experience.

Topics: HR Communications

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