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Internal Communications Challenges

Caroline Duncan - Aug 24, 2023 11:38:04 AM

Ineffective and inefficient internal communications could be harming your organization. When communication is poor, there is a myriad of flow on effects. This includes lower profits and productivity, costly mistakes, higher rates of staff absenteeism and presenteeism, poor safety, poor morale, low levels of employee engagement, high staff turnover, and potential for reputational damage.

Topics: Corporate Communication Strategy- Improve Corporate Communication- Internal Communication Best Practices

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Emergency Alert Steps

Anton Vdovin - Aug 9, 2023 7:51:00 AM

It’s easy to stay calm while everything is going well at work. It’s easy to feel safe on a regular workday. However, how do you handle an emergency at work when it does occur? What do you do on those rare occasions that something seriously goes wrong in the workplace? Is your training enough when it comes to responding to emergency situations? Can your alerting system keep your employees safe and protected?

Topics: Improve Corporate Communication

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Advantages Of Visual Communication

Caroline Duncan - Jun 27, 2023 7:04:44 PM

What are the features of communication methods being used currently in your organization? Are you using visual communication tools as part of your internal communications? If not, you could be seriously undermining your efforts. Studies have found that people only remember about 20 percent of what they read and around 10 percent of what they hear. This compares with people remembering around 80 percent of what they see!

Topics: Improve Corporate Communication- Internal Communication Best Practices- Corporate screensaver

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Benefits Of Instant Messaging In the Workplace

Anton Vdovin - Jun 23, 2023 4:46:00 PM

There are very few things as important in the workplace as communication that has been proven to be effective. And one of the most effective office communication software it seems is instant messaging, which is now being used as widely in the corporate world as it is in one’s personal life. Not only have instant messaging platforms proven to be good supports to traditional modes of communication, they are also even able to replace some forms of communication as well.

Topics: Improve Corporate Communication

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DeskAlerts 11 for Streamlined Internal Communication

Caroline Duncan - May 31, 2023 11:52:12 AM

Effective internal communication is critical to success in today’s rapidly evolving business environment. Organizations thrive when there is a seamless flow of information from management to employees and across departments. This enables teams to collaborate efficiently and make informed decisions. Recognizing this need for enhanced communication, we are excited to bring to you a solution that can elevate this experience to new levels.

Topics: Improve Corporate Communication- Internal Communication Tools

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Communication In The Workplace

Anton Vdovin - May 15, 2023 12:26:00 PM

When developing a communications strategy, organizations should always lean towards promoting and focusing on positive communication. However, there are times that positive communication may be hard to come by or may be difficult to implement. This makes it easy for companies to fall into default and ineffective communication simply because this is what they are used to.

Topics: Improve Corporate Communication

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The Importance of Corporate Culture

Milana Graf - Mar 24, 2023 12:15:00 PM

The importance of corporate culture in determining an organization's success in today's fast-paced business environment has become increasingly apparent. A positive workplace culture can enhance employee satisfaction and retention rates while boosting overall performance. This article highlights the significance of corporate culture, especially in light of recent global instability, and provides practical guidance for fostering a collaborative work environment. By adopting the recommended measures, companies can create a culture that encourages innovation, supports employee well-being, and ultimately leads to sustained success.

Topics: Corporate Communication Strategy- Corporate Communication Tools- Improve Corporate Communication- Employee Engagement- Internal Communication Strategy- Organizational culture

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Video Message From CEO to Employees: Full Guide 2023

Caroline Duncan - Jan 9, 2023 6:30:00 AM

Video is an essential staple in your internal communications toolbox. Sending various types of video content is the best practice in this digital age… and one of the best ways to do this is to send a video message from the CEO to employees.

Topics: Improve Corporate Communication- Internal Communication Best Practices- Internal Communications- Executive communications- Video Alert

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How Pop Up Message Is Helping Communication Teams Reach Employees

Caroline Duncan - Nov 23, 2022 9:21:00 AM

A typical employee has too many tasks to accomplish in a normal working day that it can be challenging for the corporate communications team, HR and other departments to get their attention. There is an ingenious and practical way to reach these employees: pop-up messaging.

Topics: Improve Corporate Communication- Desktop Alerts Software- Internal Communication Tools- Pop-up alerts

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Internal Communication In the Banking sector: How DeskAlerts Helps Improve It

Caroline Duncan - Oct 11, 2022 8:15:00 PM

Topics: Improve Corporate Communication- Internal Communication Best Practices- Communication in finance

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