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Pop-up alerts

Desktop notifications

5 min read

Desktop Notification: New Way to Communicate with Employees in 2024

If you’re looking for new and innovative ways to communicate with your employees in 2024, consider introducing desktop notifications to your internal...

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Pop up messaging

7 min read

How Pop Up Message Is Helping Communication Teams Reach Employees

A typical employee has too many tasks to accomplish in a normal working day that it can be challenging for the corporate communications team, HR and...

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desktop alerts for hr

4 min read

6 Ways Pop-up Alerts Revolutionize HR Communications

Internal communications are important in every organization to keep people linked, connected and working towards the same goals. Different parts of...

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2 min read

Pop-ups vs Email for Internal Communication. What Works Better?

Internal communication is important for keeping employees informed and engaged. However, in many companies it has become increasingly challenging to...

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team alert

3 min read

A New Way to Send Team Notifications – Try Out DeskAlerts!

Keeping all your team members up-to-date with information helps make your projects run more smoothly and is good for efficiency and productivity....

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