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Supply Chain Management

Caroline Duncan - Jul 11, 2023 4:51:24 PM

Supply chain management is an important aspect in the success and profitability of businesses across industries. It encompasses the planning, coordination, and execution of various activities involved in delivering products or services to customers.

Topics: Internal Communication Tools- Retail- Manufacturing

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10 Ways to Improve In-Store Communication

Caroline Duncan - Jun 6, 2022 8:00:00 PM

Internal communication is a challenge for many industries, and the retail sector is no different. In fact, it has its own unique challenges to overcome in this area, compared with other industries as there is a disconnect between corporate management and employees on the ground in stores and outlets.

Topics: Internal Communication Strategy- Retail

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10 Examples Of Solving In-Store Communication Challenges In Retail

Caroline Duncan - Sep 16, 2020 3:21:18 PM

The retail sector is one of the biggest employers in the USA. It’s estimated by the National Retail Federation that around 29 million people work in this sector. In many retail organizations, there are hundreds, if not thousands of employees… which can be challenging for management to ensure all staff are kept up-to-date with important information.

Topics: Retail

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