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5 Ways to Use Desktop Tickers to Make IT Department Messages 100% Visible

Caroline Duncan - Sep 12, 2022 7:08:12 PM

IT departments often have important information to share with their organizations but may find it difficult to do so effectively. Using innovative tools and thinking outside the box can help to ensure that IT messages get out to staff.

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Ticker vs. Email For Internal Communications: What Works Better?

Caroline Duncan - Aug 4, 2022 7:00:00 PM

Trying to reach your co-workers by email can be disappointing, especially when you are competing for their attention in a very crowded marketplace (their inboxes!)  Too many emails go unnoticed or unread, and people miss out on important information. A scrolling desktop ticker could be a good solution for getting people’s attention in your workplace and improving the flow of communication.

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The Benefits of TV Ticker Software for Your Business

Caroline Duncan - Oct 27, 2021 8:23:00 PM


Just like the ticker you see crawling along the bottom of the TV screen, delivering headlines and updated information when you’re watching the news, a desktop ticker can appear on screens within your organization to keep everyone informed about important news that relates to your company.

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Ticker Tape Software For PC

Caroline Duncan - Apr 23, 2021 12:45:00 AM


Whenever you watch a news channel or program on television, it's more than likely you’ll see a scrolling band of text along the bottom of the screen, broadcasting different headlines and other information while you watch the program.

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Creative Uses for the Scrolling Ticker

Caroline Duncan - Sep 21, 2018 4:19:20 PM

One of DeskAlerts’ popular features is the scrolling ticker function where you are able to scroll a band of text along a section of your employees’ computer screens that appears in a way that’s similar to the ticker tape that goes along the bottom of the screen on news and current affairs television programs.

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Connect with Your Employees using a Desktop Ticker

Caroline Duncan - Dec 6, 2017 5:02:46 PM

A great way to keep your staff informed with important or interesting information is to deploy a desktop ticker – a small window of moving text that is displayed at the bottom of their computer screens.

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