Not every organization has a private connection to their service provider’s server. Sometimes it’s more convenient to use a public network. As part of an effective internal communications strategy, you’ll need to think about other security measures to protect your corporate information.

Open network data transfer is commonly used in organizations around the world, including hospitals and healthcare establishments. While it allows patients and visitors to access the data network, it means that there is a potential for private information to be accessed by people who shouldn’t be seeing it.

If you don’t protect your data there could be legal implications, or reputational damage. DeskAlerts has created the Encryption Solution to address this.

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What’s the big deal about open network data transfer?

Open network data transfer is commonly used in hospitals and healthcare establishments and organizations everywhere in the world. It enables patients and visitors to gain access to the hospital’s data network.

However, this means private patient data can also be seen by people who have no business knowing them. This can have legal implications that may cause inconvenience to the unaware people and the establishments themselves.

This can even damage the reputation of third-party network providers but DeskAlerts choose to solve the problem instead, which resulted in the creation of our Encryption Solution.

What does encryption solution do?

You can have effective internal communications that are private and secure with DeskAlerts. The Encryption Solution encrypts all messages sent between the client and the DeskAlerts server using 256-bit encoding. See how it works on our online demo.



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