Digital signage management software

Customize corporate Digital Signage

Show creative and colorful content on LCD, LED and projection displays

  • Send multimedia content at any time you need. Display images and photos, posters, flyers and newsletters.
  • Communicate your messages to an audience wherever you have a screen – for example in a waiting room, in staff rooms and other areas
  • Publish virtual maps so visitors to your company can find their way around

Through our digital signage solution you can publish messages, announcements and other reminders on your employees’ computer screens, thereby making sure that they are aware of news and updates integral to the proper functioning of the organization.


Take control on your digital signage deployment

Send engaging, and high impact visual announcements in lieu of traditional bulletin boards and posters

Digital signage is better than the traditional methods of communication like emails, bulletin boards and printed materials because it is cheaper in the long run and more environment friendly, as it helps promote a paperless workplace. Because digital signage is cheaper, you can deliver urgent news and announcements real-time and ensure that the message is delivered to your intended recipients.

You can use DeskAlerts Digital Signage solution to:

All you need to successfully broadcast your content is our application and an opened browser on digital signage that you want to use. Just customize the most effective message using text, pictures or video and you'll can open it on all your target screens.

Increase visibility of your messages

Create a cohesive lineup of content and engage your captive auditory with a digital signage solution.


Benefits of Deskalerts digital signage software

DeskAlerts offers businesses an effective tool for gaining attention and disseminating important information: digital signage solutions which are composed of our Corporate Screensaver and Corporate Wallpaper products.

Through Deskalert's Digital Signage Tool, you can publish messages, announcements and other reminders on your employees’ computer screens, thereby making sure that they are aware of news and updates integral to the proper functioning of the organization. Since people have been conditioned to watch television and look at screens for information, digital signage is a perfect way to catch attention, ensuring that your message gets across.

The applications of digital signage are endless, which is why more and more organizations are turning to digital signage solutions to improve their communications, both internally and externally.


Digital Signage Software Features

LCD, LED, And Projection Display Support

Compatibility with LCD, LED, and Projection displays.

Recurring Messages

Identical, repeated messages can be sent across all screens in your network at intervals you determine.

Rich Content

Send messages in a variety of multimedia formats including video, HTML, Flash, images, text or even your presentation slides.

Scheduled Messaging

Create your messages now to be sent at a later date and time

Embeddable Video URL Format

Link external pages from YouTube and Vimeo through embeddable URLs.

Message Statistics

The server will receive message status reports that will give you data for measurement and analysis

Think of it as being like a smaller scale version of a dynamic billboard

Engage your captive audience with a digital signage solution

Motivate employees by recognizing individual and team achievements and displaying it for everyone in the organization to see. Digital signage also helps educate your staff on products and services about to be launched through wallpapers and screensavers on their respective computers and can advertise current offerings to customers through a plasma screen or a television.


Broadcast news that affects peoples’ daily work

“DeskAlerts is mainly used as a broadcast system to inform employees, via a series of screens, about any issues that may affect their daily work.”

Insurance, Denmark

The most customizable solution

“We found DeskAlerts had the best features to meet our needs, and is completely customizable.”

Consultancy, Netherlands

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