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Response Time Is 24 Business Hours

How long has it been since you evaluated and overhauled your internal communications systems? Are you taking advantage of the latest technological advances and trends in the internal communications space? Or are you still sending out emails and putting up information on your company intranet site, hoping someone will see it? 

In the modern day workplace, employees are looking for information that is personal, comes to them in real-time and is engaging. A great way to deliver this is via a notification system, such as DeskAlerts. This is a software solution that delivers messages straight to your employees’ desktops at the touch of a button.

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Desktop Notifications for IT Departments

IT departments face some of the most difficult challenges where the subject of communication is concerned. The need for a better communication system is present for many departments using emails as the primary communication vehicle. Internally and externally, many problems can arise.

  • Interruptions in Network Service
  • Keeping Staff Notified of Issues
  • Overload of Calls to the Help Desk
  • Overload of Emails and “Typical” Communications
IT Notifications

Mass Notification System for Hospitals

When you have staff who work in a range of different roles, at different hours day and night, and sometimes spread out in a number of locations, keeping everyone in the loop can seem complex. Especially given the chaotic nature of healthcare and all the distractions employees have.

Particular challenges are posed to internal healthcare communications when many staff do not work in a traditional office environment with their own desks and computers.

Keeping employees informed in this industry is crucial, however.

Healthcare Alerts

Why You Should Choose DeskAlerts as an Alerting Solution?

DeskAlerts is a software development company established in 2006. Since then, it has partnered with over 700 clients, providing them with only the best of most efficient software that aims to improve work dynamics in the office. Clients include Royal Canin, Siemens, Oceaneering, Swiss Life, Lenexa, Dedham Medical Associates, Twynstra Gudde, Farm Bureau Bank and Community College. These clients have testified on increased revenues and productivity the moment they switched to DeskAlerts’ system. Among the users of desktop alert programs are the military, schools, police organizations and some Fortune 100 companies. This program has various features which are very helpful in serving its purpose.

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