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For Critical Information Delivery

Deliver pop-up alerts to more than 10,000 users' screens and block an employee's work until he or she reads your message to the end. It's guaranteed that alerts will be received and seen by 100% of employees.

Have more than 500 users?

Notify Faster and Grow your readership

DeskAlerts is an alert notification system that allows you to send over 10 000 Critical Notifications in 1-2 Seconds On Employee Laptops, Desktops, And Mobile Devices. A message will pop-up on top of all applications on the user's screen and block their work until it is read.

DeskAlerts is also a multi-channel alerting software with a lot of communication features including desktop alerts, mobile alerts, video-messages, SMS, emails, surveys, screensavers, wallpapers, etc. And you can send all these types of messages through one interface to all your employees, both to their computers and to phones at the same time.

You can instantly tell who has seen and read your messages and gather statistics that you can use to complement your communication efforts.

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Our clients recommend DeskAlerts as a solution to improve communication outcomes and employee experience

Decrease calls to the helpdesk

DeskAlerts gave our company a tool to instantly inform users about all types of events. It was easy to configure and deploy and has helped to decrease the call volume to our helpdesk.
massanutten resort recommends deskalerts

Corporate Information Technology, MasanuttengResort

See results immediately

Whether its notifying about a delay to a meeting start time or a reminder that its time to head out for a team lunch, DeskAlerts messages pop up on screen and action is taken by employees.
info tech likes our alerting system

Network-Services Specialist, Info Tech, Inc.

Improve communication with broadcast features

We have information monitors in several locations throughout our building where we broadcast system alerts and other important information that affect our peoples’ daily work.
Topdanmark about using DeskAlerts for business

Service Desk, Topdanmark

Communicate across geographic regions

The perfect choice for a company needing a centralized alert solution spread across different locations. We use it to inform in-store labs in retail sites across Australia and New Zealand about updates and issues.
fujifilm recommends our communication software

Solution Delivery Manager, Fujifilm Australia

Improve your organisation's staff awareness in just six steps

Easy To Deploy, Simple To Use

Step 1

Download an app (18 MB) and Install it on all employee devices from the parent PC.

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Step 2

Make an Active Directory synchronization to pull in the information from your domain tree to use it for message targeting purposes.


Step 3

Manage Content publishers and access rights. Set up a single sign-on publisher logon.

52 - Benefits of the DeskAlerts SSO for your business

Step 4

Login In DeskAlerts Online Control Pannel.


Step 5

Create alert, scrolling ticker, RSVP or survey with the aid of the countless number of templates at your disposal, available to use as you deem fit.


Step 6

Check targeted users in a list and send created alert to them.


Customize settings and preferences

Create, edit, manage, search and deliver different kinds of information instantly with very little effort

Urgent Alerts

Send urgent notifications instantly to keep your employees safe in an emergency situation using a range of features designed to help save lives.

Color Codes

Use color codes for different types of emergencies you set in advance with a range of custom templates you populate with information during an emergency.


By using Active Directory Integration you can target who you send alerts to such as specific departments, groups or even individual users.

Send Multimedia

DeskAlerts lets you send video through YouTube and Vimeo with embeddable URLs or send videos directly recorded on your desktop webcam. You can also send images in .jpg, .png, .gif and .bmp format or HTML links.

Extended Statistics

Track message delivery down to specific users and devices to determine who has seen your messages. Create charts or export data to a CSV file.

System Integration

DeskAlerts integrates easily with existing IT and emergency warning systems and can be used to connect to just about any device. Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices it can also be paired with SharePoint, XenApp, Outlook etc.

Deliver Key Information to any device or location

Keep in touch with users who are in different locations and across technology types

Send alerts to different locations

If your company operates in different locations, countries, cultures, languages and time-zones you can send targeted notifications that reflect this.
No matter where your employees are located in the world they can stay informed and be kept up-to-date with your important announcements.

Send alerts to different devices

Quickly and easily send alerts about important issues to employees no matter what device type they are using. DeskAlerts is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.
You can use different features to reach people on different devices such as desktop alerts, push notifications to mobile devices, digital signage, SMS and email messages.


Maximize the value of and optimize the performance of DeskAlerts
by working closely with our project development team
to tailor a custom solution for your needs.

We can help you to design a set of features or custom branding designs just for your organization.

DeskAlerts Professional Services

Choose the pack that fits your communication needs

DeskAlerts Internal Communication Solution is available in different packages


Includes basic software functionality

  • 5 Publishers / Admins
  • Pop-up alerts / RSVP
  • Standart Reports
  • ... (6 more options)
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Includes most popular features

  • 10 Publishers/admins
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Video Alerts (record, attach, embed)
  • ... (17 more options)
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Includes all available features

  • 20 Publishers/admins
  • Mobile apps (Android/iOS)
  • Rest API
  • ... (all options)
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This is a completely customizable internal communications solution with features to suit just about any business need. Added functionality includes surveys, polls and quizzes for instant feedback, an app that enables you to send alerts from anywhere, integration with Active Directory, support for multi-domains and centralized data storage.

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