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Employee Quiz Software

Improve training and learning processes, add gamification for better engagement and ensure higher levels of understanding by using employee quiz software

• Reach all targeted employees
• Get responses within minutes not days
• Minimum time to set up

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What is an employee quiz?

An employee quiz is a fun and interactive way to test employee knowledge on any subject you like. Quizzes can take different formats, such as multiple choice, true or false, free text box answers or selecting from a linear scale. A quiz can also be used as a competition among employees. Unlike employee surveys, quizzes have right or wrong answers.

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Make onboarding, training and learning amusing

Employee quizzes are a great tool to support onboarding, compliance and educational goals, as well as a way to engage staff in new activities and bring more fun into learning processes.

Employees will be able to recall information more quickly, and with more enthusiasm. You will get a full picture of the level of employees’ knowledge and how to improve it.

Add employee surveys to the process to gather fast feedback and make the learning process even more effective.

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Create staff quizzes and get results even faster and in a more engaging way

DeskAlerts quizzing software lets you send a quiz to all employees, or targeted groups of employees, in just two seconds. Quizzes are delivered directly to employees' desktops in the form of a pop-up message or to mobile phones as push notifications.

It provides a much higher response rate than an email-based quiz.

You can target your message by location, team or even send it to just one person (for example, a new employee). Use your brand design and images, add hyperlinks and remind people to finish the quiz automatically.

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Examples of using employee quizzes

Improve employee experience and drive engagement with our easy to use and highly effective employee quizzes software

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Improve onboarding

Improve onboarding

Use engaging quizzes to help new employees onboard faster and more effectively. Repeating information in form of fun tests is a good way to learn and understand it better.

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Build knowledge

Build knowledge

Use quizzes to improve understanding of any kind of new work-related information, test employees' knowledge and define areas for improvement.

Reinforce correct behavior with scenario-based quizzes on topics like topics like compliance, cybersecurity, culture, emergencies etc.

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Raise engagement

Raise engagement

Add gamification to your internal communications. Let employees enjoy a little bit of competition aiming for the highest score when answering the quiz. Create leader boards based on respondents’ results and motivate staff to improve their knowledge.

Employee quiz tool features



Specify an audience made of groups of employees with a common interest or need.



Set the time in advance for quizzes to be sent to employees.


Different types of questions

Choose from different styles of questions such as multiple choice, true or false or linear scales.



Send quizzes that match your company’s branding including using logos and colors.



Get statistics about the quiz results, determine the winners and the most difficult questions, group employees based on their answers and send them more information to improve their knowledge.

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AD integration

Easily integrated with Active Directory over limitless domains so you can send to groups.

Make learning a fun activity with the DeskAlerts employee quiz tool

  • Improve employees’ knowledge and therefore performance
  • Boost employee experience
  • Engage more employees in company activities
  • Group recipients based on their answers and send them additional information or quizzes

What our customers say about DeskAlerts

Australian Healthcare Company

Collect Information From Your Employees

“We chose DeskAlerts as a way to deliver messages throughout our organization. We particularly like the SMS and email features, and regularly use the survey module to gather feedback.”
Australian Healthcare Company
Healthcare, Australia

The Pop-Up Feature Is Very Worthwhile

“The immediate response to DeskAlerts messages is a great selling point. Whether it’s a delayed start time to a meeting or just a reminder that it’s time to head out to a team lunch, the pop-up feature is a great way of communicating.”
InfoTech, Inc.
Computer Software, USA

Satisfied with product and service

“DeskAlerts is being used in Communication Department. It helps to keep the whole workforce in the loop in security concerns. We are satisfied with the product and service.”
BP Gelsenkirchen GmbH
Germany, Oil and Gas



Send highly visible employee surveys in a way that bypasses email and get the results the same day.

Corporate screensavers

Set the corporate backgrounds on employees' workstations. An excellent complementary communication channel for lockscreens.

Pop-up alerts

Highly visible pop-up messages right on the employees' computer screens.

Mobile app

Inform employees even when they are not at their  desk.

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