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Compliance communication

Send compliance messages that cannot be skipped or ignored and get read acknowledgments.


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Why is compliance important?

There are many laws, rules and regulations that businesses need to comply with. This includes taxation, workplace health and safety, employment laws, and more. Communicating these requirements, including ensuring deadlines are met and important documentation is lodged, is essential for your company to avoid compliance breaches and potential penalties.

corporate compliance

Why effective communication is needed for compliance

When employees are not aware of or don’t understand the importance of your company’s compliance obligations, it can lead to significant issues. Employees often receive more emails each week than they can open, read and respond to. Research has found 69% of employees are overwhelmed by the amount of email they receive. Without effective communication you risk failing compliance activities.

corporate compliance

Important factors to include in compliance communication

Simply sending an email or placing information on the intranet won’t ensure that employees see or action what is being asked of them.

• Use multiple communication channels to ensure message penetration
• Use more effective channels like DeskAlerts
• Communicate regularly about compliance requirements
• Sending reading and acknowledgment receipts to keep employees accountable.

corporate compliance

Ensure compliance across your company

DeskAlerts helps to improve compliance via effective internal communications

Your compliance messages will always reach targeted employees, and you can be assured of a 100% read rate and high engagement, resulting in positive behavior changes.

Raise awareness

Raise awareness

-Ensure all employees are aware of compliance programs

-Remind staff of the required standard of behavior regularly and in an engaging way

-Use all DeskAlerts tools simultaneously for better results

Inform about changes

Inform about changes

- Make every update known in a matter of hours

- Use desktop tickers to deliver the news fast

- Use digital signage to remind employees about new rules and drive behavioral change

Measure the impact

Measure the impact

- Use surveys and quizzes to test employees' knowledge of rules and policies and where to find them

- Analyze employee knowledge, message readership, survey answers and know the impact of your efforts

Empower training sessions

Empower training sessions

- Inform more people about upcoming training sessions with pop-ups

- Make sure all employees are attending to the training with RSVP tool

- Achieve a better understanding of rules with surveys and quizzes

Try DeskAlerts and see how it helps to improve compliance.

One of our internal communications experts will give you an online product tour demonstrating all DeskAlerts capabilities for creating buzz around your compliance program and driving behavioral change.


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DeskAlerts tools for compliance communications


Pop up alerts

Deliver compliance messages directly to employees' computer screens.


Desktop ticker

Update staff with new information about policies, safety and ethics.



Crate buzz around your compliance campaigns and remind staff about rules.


Mobile app

Reach every employee, at the right time, wherever they are.


Digital signage

Reach employees even when they are not in front of their computers.



Check employees' knowledge and help them to remember information.

Discover all features you need for effective compliance communications

  • Message statistics

  • Targeting

  • Reading acknowledgments

  • Reminders

  • Recurring messages

  • Multimedia support

  • Embeddable URL format


“All departments use DeskAlerts to send communication that would ordinarily be missed via email communication.”
Accounting, East Africa
“DeskAlerts lets us broadcast system information to users. We have placed information monitors in several positions in our building where we broadcast systems alerts and news to share information about system breakdowns or other significant information that can affect peoples’ daily work.”
Insurance, Denmark
“We use DeskAlerts for IT Services notices and general organisation notices.”
University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
Healthcare, Great Britain

Benefits of DeskAlerts as a compliance communications tool

100% readership

of compliance messages

Cut through the noise

without unnecessary distractions

Ensure people truly understand

the rules and policies

Better informed employees

delivers a real change in actions

High level of compliance culture

in an organization

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