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Communication solution for manufacturing

Ensure every manufacturing employee from head office to the factory floor is aware of important information. Get immediate feedback to solve problems on time.

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Inform and engage every manufacturing employee

Reaching production floor staff alongside office personnel can be challenging, but with DeskAlerts it is a piece of cake. Create your message using an intuitive web-based interface and send it through several different channels simultaneously, with just one click.

  • Choose to send an intrusive message that guarantees cut-through or send a less disruptive one for less distraction.
  • Use rich content (video, images etc) for better engagement.
  • Send messages that require reading acknowledgment so you’ll know who read it and who didn’t.

DeskAlerts is often used to send IT outage and maintenance alerts, compliance information, important company news, HR announcements, messages from CEO, updates on policies and procedures etc.

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Reduce risks and improve safety

Safety risks in the manufacturing industry are high; workplace incidents are common and cause millions of dollars in losses.

With DeskAlerts as your industrial plant communication system you can be sure critical information is read and staff know to comply with essential policies, safety instructions and rules and people are aware of how to act in an emergency.

It integrates easily with production software systems via an API and can automatically send alerts about errors and equipment failures.

DeskAlerts is often used to send emergency and critical systems failure alerts, safety policy information, critical reminders, lock down and all clear alerts, and to survey employees.

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Make training more efficient and get feedback instantly

In manufacturing, it is critical to train workers well. By sending quizzes directly to employees’ devices you can test their knowledge, help them memorize information and understand what information should be repeated.

When you need to survey production floor employees, sending questions via email is not an option. Use DeskAlerts channels to deliver questions to employees’ devices and get feedback on the same day.

DeskAlerts is often used to send training invites, useful information and links to resources on the intranet and internet, test employees' knowledge, survey staff about their health, their levels of engagement or about resources they need etc.

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Try DeskAlerts to see how well it works both for office and production floor employees

This isn’t just a manufacturing app, SMS system, or email. It is a set of tools aimed at delivering important information to every targeted recipient at the time you want them to see it, with a high level of success.

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DeskAlerts tools for manufacturing



Reach employees using PCs, laptops and tablets with 100% guarantee your message will be seen.



Reach non desk-based employees and those who are on the road travelling.

Digital signage

Digital signage

Wherever you have digital screens, in the reception area or production floor, your messages will be received.

Discover all features to improve communication on the production floor


Multi language

Communicate with staff using their language and send alerts based on their local time zone.

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One click alert

If an emergency occurs, you only need to press a button in the emergency mobile app. It takes just a couple of seconds.

Reading Acknowledgment


Know who read your message and see who complies in real time.



Plan your communications in advance and save your time by scheduling your messages to be sent on a specific date.


Notification Templates

Create and use templates to speed up the process of sending typical messages and alerts.



Target your message to recipients by job role, location, shift etc.

Active Directory

AD integration

Use Active Directory integration to set and change target groups of employees and automatically update them.


API integration

DeskAlerts can be integrated with other software solutions via API.



Analyze your communications efforts to get better results in the future.

What our customers say about DeskAlerts


Reliable internal company messaging

“Deployment of DeskAlerts system over the existing infrastructure has helped NewPage to reduce communications costs, while making internal company messaging more reliable and effective than before.”
Greg Hotchkiss
New Page Corporation

Speed up time it takes to get notifications to employees

“DeskAlerts is used by Mill Security, Safety and IT departments for event notifications. It has drastically sped up the time it takes to get event notifications out to our employees”
Mike Oehler
Verso Corporation
Catalyst Papers

Ensure the health and safety of employees

“By monitoring sensors in various areas of our production environment we are able to trigger plant wide messages in the event that hazardous conditions arise, such as dangerous levels of sulphur dioxide (SO2) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S). Safety and Environmental Stewardship are part of our core operating philosophies, and the flexibility that the Desk Alerts API offers has allowed us the opportunity to drive for results in this category, and ensure we are taking all steps necessary in order to ensure the health and safety of our employees.”
Jon Claude
Catalyst Papers

The benefits of DeskAlerts as communication system for manufacturing companies

Highly engaged staff,

from office to production floor


workplace safety

Saves managers time on

communication activities

Can be used even without

an external internet connection

Can be customized to suit

your company’s business needs

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