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Improved communication in oil & gas

An internal communication system that delivers personalized and targeted messages to all staff, including office and field-based employees, across all devices with a 100% read guarantee.

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Why oil and gas companies need good internal communications

With its large headcount, dispersed staff and ever-changing regulations, the ability to deliver information on time is critical for energy enterprise.

Accurate and up-to-date communication improves productivity, compliance, engages both field and office based employees. It also reduces the number of errors and increases workplace safety.

But with email as a standard communication channel, corporate messages can easily be overlooked. The consequences of not reading email on time can be dreadful.

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Deliver internal communications to all staff with a 100% guarantee

Unlike email, DeskAlerts guarantees instant delivery of over 10,000 messages right to the employees’ devices. No matter where employees are at the moment: in the office, in the field, or away from the workplace.

DeskAlerts solution combines highly intrusive channels, which can be used to send time-sensitive and emergency alerts, with less invasive ones. The last ones can be used to deliver messages repeatedly to be better remembered.

Sending alerts with acknowledgments ensures your staff stays up to date and complies with new policies.

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Try DeskAlerts and see if it fits the communication needs of your energy business

Send over 10,000 messages at once to the office and field-based employees with one click and a 100% read guarantee. Exclude unnecessary interruptions and ensure that urgent notifications are seen right away.

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DeskAlerts solution for effective communication in energy sector



Reach all employees are in front of the computers at the moment.



Reach employees working outside the office or are on the go.

Digital signage

Digital signage

Display your message on every digital screen in the office and outside of it.

Discover all features for oil and energy communications


Different types

of content

Delivers text, images, video, links, HTML, ppt and other types of content.



Flexible targeting options allow to choose all employees, a group or only one based on different criteria.



Schedule messages and alerts for a later time.



Send predefined emergency alerts within 1-2 sec with 1 click.


Cloud/On premise

Both versions are available. Ask a DeskAlerts expert to learn which option is the best in your case.



Ensure your staff read mandatory information and complied with it.



Get statistics on who received and read messages, find trends and improve your communications.



Set your messages to be repeated regularly with chosen frequency.



Use your company brand guidelines (colors, fonts, logo, etc) when creating alerts.

What our customers say about DeskAlerts


Reliable internal company messaging

“Deployment of DeskAlerts system over the existing infrastructure has helped NewPage to reduce communications costs, while making internal company messaging more reliable and effective than before.”
Greg Hotchkiss
New Page Corporation

Speed up time it takes to get notifications to employees

“DeskAlerts is used by Mill Security, Safety and IT departments for event notifications. It has drastically sped up the time it takes to get event notifications out to our employees”
Mike Oehler
Verso Corporation
Catalyst Papers

Ensure the health and safety of employees

“By monitoring sensors in various areas of our production environment we are able to trigger plant wide messages in the event that hazardous conditions arise, such as dangerous levels of sulphur dioxide (SO2) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S). Safety and Environmental Stewardship are part of our core operating philosophies, and the flexibility that the Desk Alerts API offers has allowed us the opportunity to drive for results in this category, and ensure we are taking all steps necessary in order to ensure the health and safety of our employees.”
Jon Claude
Catalyst Papers

The Benefits of DeskAlerts as a communication system for oil and energy enterprises

Important messages
are no longer missed


workplace safety

All employees

are engaged

A better

employer brand

Fewer managers' time used

to relay information

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