Corporate Desktop Wallpaper Tool

A powerful tool for visual communication in your workplace


Set Your Background To Employees’ PCs

When you don’t need your employees to see your message right now, but you want it to callore their eyes.

Different teams within your organization may want to use the corporate wallpaper option to communicate with staff – for example, your business, management, IT, marketing or internal communications teams.

  • Send company announcements
  • Remind staff about upcoming events
  • Deliver important company messages
  • Display a backdrop or background image
  • Provide motivational messages
  • Acknowledge staff or team achievements and accomplishments
  • Remind employees about common procedures
  • Deliver key information about policies or projects
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How to use corporate desktop wallpaper tool as part of internal communications

Businesses can use the corporate wallpaper solution to solve a range of business problems and achieve corporate goals, including:

  • Standing out and grabbing your employees’ attention
  • Giving hints and reminders that can bring about behavioural change
  • Advertising your products, services or other initiatives
  • Providing an avenue to keep your remote employees included in important corporate communication and therefore boosting their engagement levels
  • Sharing dashboards and updating employees on project progress
  • Reminding your staff about your company’s goals
  • As a vehicle to promote your codes of conduct, values and other important policies and procedures
  • Show off and promote your organization’s corporate brand
  • Drum up publicity for upcoming corporate events
  • Provide health and wellbeing tips
  • Give updates about new marketing campaigns
  • Building a cyber security culture by providing IT warnings and notifications

All of this can be delivered continuously, directly to your employees screens and can be used on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

The high-impact, non-intrusive messaging

It will be seen by your employees every time they start their computers or switch between programs


Benefits of the corporate desktop wallpaper tool

how-create-and-set-corporate-wallpaper-with-deskalerts-2Corporate wallpaper is the image that appears on the background of your computer screen when its first booted up, with icons and shortcuts to various programs and files sitting on top of it.

As every employee in your organization will have one, it’s a great place  to utilize as part of your internal communications campaigns. That’s where the DeskAlerts corporate wallpaper management software can help – you can use this tool to deliver custom corporate desktop backgrounds to your employees’ PCs.

You can choose to simply brand the corporate wallpaper with your company logo, or you can utilize it to deliver important messages and information in a less intrusive way compared to other communications channels.

Customize And Control Your Corporate Wallpaper Solution 

There are a number of ways you can use the corporate desktop background, and depending on which variation you use, you can install your image according to different parameters. For example you are able to choose the position of the image on the screen and center it, set it to have a tile effect, or select the stretch option to make the picture fit the entire screen.

You also have complete control over which employees will receive the company desktop wallpaper and you can even send different versions to different groups of employees.  By using the Active Directory integration you can quickly send custom corporate wallpapers to specific departments, single users, customized groups or the entire organization.

The wallpapers can also be scheduled to appear at a later time, or on certain dates. You can even set a rotation of wallpapers to be displayed at different times.

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Combined with DeskAlerts’ other powerful features such as alerts, tickers, polls and screensaver you can be sure that you are comprehensively attracting the attention of your employees in a range of situations.



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