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Change Management Tool For Business

Empower organizational change with a multi-channel communication tool that cuts through the noise and gains employee buy-in.

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change management software

Challenge of communicating change with employees

Change is something that can’t be avoided, particularly in the business world. As the business landscape constantly shifts and new technologies and processes are required in order for a company to be viable and competitive, being able to quickly implement and embrace change is crucial.

Human beings are resistant to change in any form. They don’t like going outside of their comfort zones and prefer to do things the way they’ve always done them. Resistance to crucial changes the business is implementing can lead to projects failing and can even cause the business to fail as well.

change management communication

Risks to the company

Some 70% of change projects are doomed to fail. One of the biggest reasons for this is poor or ineffective communication: employees either haven't been told or simply don’t understand the importance of the change and their crucial role to play in making it a success. This might be because of a lack of appropriate change communication tools.

When change projects fail the risks include:

✖ Financial losses

✖ Reputational damage

✖ Lowered morale

✖ Higher staff turnover

✖ Potential collapse of business

change management tool

You need DeskAlerts for change communications

Poor communication is one of the main reasons why change projects fail. 

Don’t be a statistic!

DeskAlerts is the communications change management tool you need to ensure your employees understand change, what is required of them to make change successful, and what the risks are if they don’t embrace the changes.

Explain the impact

Explain the impact

Explain the impact

  • Start communicating using pop-up alerts before the change is implemented and explain why it is necessary and who will be affected
  • Remind employees about the upcoming change with desktop ticker messages.
  • Ensure your messages are being read by sending them with a reading acknowledgment, and analyze data with the DeskAlerts statistics module.

Build knowledge

Build knowledge

Build knowledge

  • Communicate often, through multiple channels, using different formats of content with DeskAlerts pop-up alerts, mobile alerts and digital signage
  • Provide employees with ongoing training and support. Use quizzes to test knowledge
  • Drive traffic to your intranet with desktop tickers.

Drive behavioral change

Drive behavioral change

Drive behavioral change

  • Use engaging images with your key messages instead of default pictures via the DeskAlerts corporate screensaver and corporate wallpaper tools.
  • Turn digital screens in your organization into colorful billboards reminding staff of new rules and changes.

Celebrate success

Celebrate success

Celebrate success

  • The corporate lock screen is an unobtrusive yet powerful way to remind employees about the important milestones and celebrate success.
  • Corporate screensavers will remind employees about what the company already achieved every time they come back to the work place.
  • Use the desktop ticker to avoid distracting employees who can’t be disrupted.

Gather feedback

Gather feedback

Gather feedback

  • Use surveys to quickly gather feedback from employees. They are sent straight to computer or mobile phone screens.
  • Knowing what your staff really think, you can maximize the effectiveness of change process.

Show executive buy in

Show executive buy in

Show executive buy in

  • Video messages are really powerful and highly engaging. For remote staff they can create a sense of presence.
  • Use video and text messages from senior leaders to walk people though the change process and ask questions.
  • You can prepare video in advance or shoot it right from the DeskAlerts interface.

Try DeskAlerts and see if it fits your change communications needs

Communication and change management go hand in hand. Our change management software tool will help you to communicate the information you need, to the people who need to see it, when they need to see it to ensure your project is a success.


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DeskAlerts Change Management Notification Tools



Send change management alerts, engaging reminders and surveys directly to employees' desktops and laptops.



Inform and engage employees about change initiatives even if they are not in front of the computer.

Digital signage

Digital signage

Use every digital screen in your organisation to raise awareness about change.

DeskAlerts features for effective change management communications


Schedule In Advance

Create a change communication campaign into the future regularly communicating the change topic


Powerful Statistics

Determine in real time which employees have seen your messages to tailor future messaging



Communicate only with those groups of employees that will be affected by change, Streamline the process with AD integration.


Recurring messages

Messages will be delivered according to a schedule, for example, every Monday.



When you need to be sure people have read and will comply, turn on the acknowledgment option.



People with different functions can be provided with different access to сontrol panel.

What our customers say about DeskAlerts

“We moved from three old outdated buildings into a state of the art new building.During the move we had to ensure that there was an effective and robust way of communicating to the trust of any issues which at the time we only had email. The ability to provide instant messages quickly and easily was essential to helping manage the safe transfer of 600 patients and approximately 3,500 staff to our new hospital. Leading up to the hospital move we deployed DeskAlerts to every PC and used it initially to message staff about system outages. During the move it was used to notify when certain systems were being moved and also any organization specific issues that the move generated. It proved invaluable to keep staff informed in “real time”.”
Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals
Lee Loades, NHS representative
Henry Ford
“As a community college with limited budget, we looked at features and costs. We also looked at ease of deployment. DeskAlerts had no real competitors. DeskAlerts offered a customized alert system for thousands of dollars cheaper than any of the other systems we looked at. We actually got everything we wanted in the system and more. We deployed to over 500 administrative computers in a morning, and to all of our student computers over a school break “
Henry Ford Community College
“We use DeskAlerts to communicate to our network of in-store labs within retail sites around Australia and New Zeland. DeskAlerts is used to notify them of upcoming updates, features and/or issues. We were seeking a desktop notification tool that could be branded, easy to use and centrally managed. DeskAlerts ticked those boxes and more. It’s a great tool that fills an important requirement and helps improve communication.”
Fujifilm Australia
Document solutions, digital imaging

Benefits of using DeskAlerts change management software

Better awareness

about change

Lower resistance
to change


employee engagement

Less time lost

because of misunderstandings

Better focus results

in better performance

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