Change Management Communications

Change is unavoidable in business

Change is something that can’t be avoided, particularly in the business world. As the business landscape constantly shifts and new technologies and processes are required in order for a company to be viable and competitive, being able to quickly implement and embrace change is crucial.

Challenge of communicating change with employees

Human beings are resistant to change in any form. They don’t like going outside of their comfort zones and prefer to do things the way they’ve always done them. Resistance to crucial changes the business is implementing can lead to projects failing and can even cause the business to fail as well.


Risks to the company

Some 70 per cent of change projects are doomed to fail. One of the biggest reasons for this is poor or ineffective communication: employees either haven't been told or simply don’t understand the importance of the change and their crucial role to play in making it a success. This might be because of a lack of appropriate change communication tools.

When change projects fail the risks include:

  ✖ Financial losses
  ✖ Reputational damage
  ✖ Lowered morale
  ✖ Higher staff turnover
  ✖ Potential collapse of business

Types of projects that require change management communication tools

Just about any aspect of the business can be affected by change.

Some common change initiatives that need
organizational change management software include:

  • Implementation of new IT systems
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • New policies and procedures that must be adhered to
  • Change of business model to be responsive to competition
  • New regulatory and legislative requirements
  • Industry-wide disruption
  • New products or projects
  • Expanded focus of company to new areas
  • Global expansion of business
  • Relocation of business premises
Difficulties in implementing change in an organization_1

You need DeskAlerts for change communications

Poor communication is one of the main reasons why change projects fail.
Don’t be a statistic! 

DeskAlerts is the communications tool you need to ensure your employees understand change,
what is required of them to make change successful, and what the risks are if they don’t embrace the changes.


Pop up alerts

Сhange management alerts let you communicate important information direct to screens in an obtrusive way that can’t be ignored

Corporate screensavers and wallpapers

Constantly display reminders about the change project such as timelines and other requirements on your company’s computers

Surveys, polls and quizzes

Get instant feedback to determine if employees understand the change

Digital signage

Turn any screen in your company into a digital billboard that communicates the change project

Schedule in advance

Create a campaign into the future regularly communicating the change topic

Powerful statistics

Determine in real time which employees have seen hour messages to tailor future messaging

Contact DeskAlerts today!

If you are managing a project that involves change, you will need our help. This can include digitization projects with IT management challenges asset and resource management projects, governance, audit and analysis projects or just changing strategies and mindsets in your organization.

Our change management software tool will help you to communicate the information you need, to the people who need to see it, when they need to see it to ensure your project is a success.


Change communication and management

University Of Southampton

We found DeskAlerts was the only choice to meet our needs as well as being affordable and flexible. After considering whether to make our own software we decided that was not a good idea and would keep us from our core business.

Masanutten Resort

DeskAlerts is a great tool that will definitely improve your communication strategy to users as well as allow you to do many other functions to delivery great service to your organization in terms of enterprise-wide communications.