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                                      Partnership with DeskAlerts

                                      DeskAlerts is a leading communications platform used by large organizations to send important and critical information to corporate devices (PCs, phones, tablets and more).  It guarantees a 100% open rate, with information sent in a way that won't be skipped or ignored by employees.

                                      By partnering with DeskAlerts, your organization can work together with us to provide technical solutions to a range of client needs. We have built successful partnerships with businesses around the world over the past eight years. During this time these mutually beneficial partnered solutions have successfully concluded deals with 80 companies globally and we continue to work with them now.


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                                      What You'll Get

                                      We are looking to partner with other innovative companies to serve our clients who are based in almost every country around the world. We need our partners to help us serve our clients in your language, understanding local cultural nuances and characteristics. In turn, we'll provide you with:

                                      • Technical support

                                      • A personal partner sales manager

                                      • Joint webinars, blogs, & event participation

                                      • Your Logo on DeskAlerts website

                                      • Receive high margin with up to 40% in commissions

                                      • Access to Sales and Marketing Kit

                                      • Product training, technical training, sales training

                                      • Marketing materials to communicate with clients

                                      • On-demand Learning


                                      Reasons to partner with us

                                      DeskAlerts partners gain access to an easy-to-use, intuitive and powerful corporate communication platform that can help drive business growth, value and competitive advantage.

                                      High Margin Contracts

                                      Competitive margins for DeskAlerts products and services to accelerate your company's growth.

                                      1 - margin

                                      Gain the loyalty of your customer network

                                      Implementing a quality product like DeskAlerts will help you build trust with your clients.

                                      2 - loyalty

                                      Fair partnership benefits

                                      The partner organization responsible for finding the client first will receive revenue that reflects that work.

                                      3 - partnership

                                      A continuous and proven company

                                      You'll be entering a partnership with an established company with more than 7 years of experience that has worked with world-famous companies like Vodafone and Raiffeisen.

                                      4 - company

                                      A versatile product offering

                                      DeskAlerts is an easy product to sell to your clients as an add-on service because the features it offers is needed by almost every company, regardless of industry (in organizations with more than 100 employees).

                                      5 - product

                                      DeskAlerts is used to not only solve business problems our clients are experiencing in the realm of corporate communications, but we also contribute to employee safety, emergency management and ultimately saving lives.  We help companies of different sizes, in different industries, with their own unique needs and challenges. We are proud that we always find a solution to each challenge faced by our clients. One of the benefits of a partnership business is that we can also solve problems for your clients too.



                                      Partner Program levels, benefits, & requirements

                                      Silver Gold Platinum

                                      Sales and marketing support
                                      Logo on DeskAlerts website
                                      Go-To-Market planning
                                      Partner sales manager
                                      Joint webinars, blogs, & event participation
                                      Access to Sales and Marketing Kit
                                      Assistance in lead generation
                                      Business requirements
                                      Mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
                                      Partner agreement
                                      Named business (sales) & technical contacts from partner
                                      Monthly sales forecasts & business reviews
                                      Deal registrations
                                      Quarter revenue commitment
                                      Partner commission
                                      Partner leads
                                      DeskAlerts leads
                                      Technical support
                                      Technical enablement
                                      Product/Tech Documentation
                                      Helpdesk technical support
                                      Access to DeskAlerts NFR Cloud account
                                      Technical support for the end client POC’s
                                      Technical requirements
                                      Named technical contacts with DeskAlerts technical certifications

                                      Steps to become an authorized partner

                                      If you want to know how to become a partner, simply follow these steps.

                                      Understand the product value and terms of the partner program

                                      Become familiar with the DeskAlerts product, the way our clients use it, how it adds value to organizations and the testimonials on our website. Also become acquainted with the terms of the partner program.



                                      Fill in the form requesting to become a partner and a DeskAlerts partner manager will contact you as soon as possible to set up your partnership.



                                      Your partner manager will provide more information about partner news, product documentation, manuals, case studies, initial pricing information and a draft partner agreement and will be able to answer all your questions.


                                      Customers network

                                      You need to have a pool of existing clients that are interested in using the software solution and have an idea about how to persuade new clients. Together we can find solutions DeskAlerts will fulfill for each of your clients.



                                      You will learn all the technical and sales aspects of the DeskAlerts product before you present to your. Our team will gladly train you and your staff.


                                      Partner Agreement


                                      Which companies use DeskAlerts?

                                      DeloitteNewLogo NHS Roche The Savola Group KPMG Raiffeisen BANK DHL

                                      Become a partner

                                      To apply to be a DeskAlerts partner, please complete the form below. Our partner manager will contact you to discuss the next steps.