Engineering sector

Communicating with employees in the engineering sector

Communicating with employees in the engineering sector

The engineering sector is one of the largest employers globally. Its workforce is diverse, producing high-value products from electrical to automotive, airplanes, cutting-edge technology and infrastructure. Organizations in this industry can vary from tiny startups through to huge multinational corporations.

Because of the pace of change in the 21st century, communicating with employees in this sector is crucial in order to stay up-to-date or risk falling behind the competition.

Engineering is a complex sector

Engineering is a complex sector

Workforces in the engineering sector are both skilled and unskilled. Within an organization in this sector it isn’t unusual to have employees working in different locations: factories and offices, laboratories, on client sites – depending on the nature of the work.

What these organizations have in common is the challenge of trying to find a way to communicate with different staff with different skill levels in different roles in a range of locations in a timely manner.

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Target information to all staff or groups of staff.

Intranet information

Use DeskAlerts to drive staff to important information on your company’s intranet site.


The network can be sent reminders about important notices or upcoming events.


DeskAlerts will let you know when recipients have read your message.

Multimedia support

Images and videos and HTML and Flash format content can be used to relay information.

Embeddable URL format

Make actionable content by linking external pages through embeddable URLs.

Communication Tools 

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We did a comparison and we found that DeskAlerts have more features and has better visual impact. It also has a flexibility to reach to different Internal audience groups effectively. DeskAlerts ability to send customised video & visually rich content pop up (which can't be ignored) was something which made us go for DeskAlerts.

Verso Corporation

DeskAlerts is used by Mill Security, Safety and IT departments for event notifications. It has drastically sped up the time it takes to get event notifications out to our employees
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Keep your employees engaged with DeskAlerts

Studies from Holmes Report have found that companies with highly effective internal communications deliver 47% higher total returns to their shareholders compared with firms that are least effective at communicating.


DeskAlerts Helps

With DeskAlerts, you can send important updates to your employees, no matter where they are, direct to their devices, making sure they never miss a thing.


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