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App for hotel employees

Streamline communications in your hospitality business to connect employees, improve performance and increase guest satisfaction.

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app for hospitality workers

Good internal communication leads to higher guest satisfaction

When hotel staff is timely informed and connected to each other and to the company goal, the service level rises tremendously. And when the situation is different, it can result in a catastrophically low level of guest satisfaction.

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Traditional methods of communication may not work for hotels

The most often used internal communication channels in hotels are email and meetings.  But they are not effective enough. Most of the hotel staff (frontline workers) do not check work email every hour - they do not even have computers at their workplace.  As employees work in different shifts, they hardly can be gathered together often.

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Make your internal communications faster and highly engaging

DeskAlerts will deliver information to every employee in any location and using any language. It can also send targeted notifications to groups of employees and get confirmation they saw and read it.

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How DeskAlerts improves employee communications in hospitality

Hotel staff will get the important messages on time no matter where they are at the moment, will be able to give instant feedback and keep on doing their work if the interruption is not necessary.

Keep guests and staff safe

Keep guests and staff safe

Keep guests and staff safe

  • Promote safety rules with corporate screensavers and mobile messages
  • Ensure staff is trained to act in an emergency with the quiz module
  • Use engaging content formats: video, images, scrolling ticker
  • Alert employees in case of emergency in 2 seconds using templates

Send IT alerts timely

Send IT alerts timely

Send IT alerts timely

  • Pop up alerts can serve to inform staff about IT outages, planned or unplanned
  • Duplicate this message with mobile alerts for those who do not work in the office
  • Make sure everyone saw the warning with the statistics module
  • Educate staff on cybersecurity with quizzes

Make HR announcements

Make HR announcements

Make HR announcements

  • Use alerts with acknowledgments when you need to get reading confirmation
  • Conduct surveys during only 1 day
  • Introduce new employees and deliver important information to targeted groups of employees with a 100% reading guarantee

Ensure training and onboarding

Ensure training and onboarding

Ensure training and onboarding

  • Automate your onboarding with messages scheduled in advance
  • Invite staff to the training and get RSVP
  • Check the staff knowledge with the quiz module

Reach every employee

Reach every employee

Reach every employee

  • Use all channels, including desktop, mobile and digital signage to reach every targeted employee with your message
  • Engage them using different content forms including video, images, links, files, etc.

Empower your marketing

Empower your marketing

Empower your marketing

  • Ensure staff is aware of special offers and can use this information when contacting guests
  • Use all channels like screensavers, tickers, pop-ups, digital signage to get the marketing message across


Forget about information delays and lack of employee feedback. With DeskAlerts you can reach all or targeted employees with one click of a button.


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DeskAlerts Hotel alert tools



Reach employees who are working in front of the computer.



Deliver communication to frontline employees and all who are not at the desk at the moment.

Digital signage

Digital signage

Use all digital screens to communicate with employees or even guests in an engaging visual format.

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Send messages in different languages and based on the local time if they work in another region.

one click

One-click alert

If an emergency occurs, you only need to press a button in an emergency mobile app. It takes a couple of seconds.


Reading Acknowledgment


Make sure staff read
and comply with new rules
and policies.


Schedule In Advance

Plan your communications in advance, create messages and schedule them for a later time.


Notification Templates

Create appealing message
templates and save
time on routine.



Send communications
only to groups of people
or even only one employee.

What our customers say about DeskAlerts

Masanutten Resort
“DeskAlerts is a great tool that will definitely improve your communication strategy to users as well as allow you to do many other functions to deliver great service to your organization in terms of enterprise-wide communications.”
Juan C Rosique, Director, Corporate Infromation Technology
Masanutte Resort
“DeskAlerts lets us broadcast system information to users. We have placed information monitors in several positions in our building where we broadcast systems alerts and news to share information about system breakdowns or other significant information that can affect peoples’ daily work.”
Bo B. Jørgensen, Service Desk
Weizmann Institute of Science
“It's very important when we send a message about maintenance or downtime and that type of thing that people will read it, will acknowledge it, and that there will be no excuse like "I didn't see the email". DeskAlerts software is pretty simple to use and can be learned quickly. And it's natively easy.”
Gregory Lablonovsk
Weizmann Institute of Science

Benefits of DeskAlerts as a hotel communication system

No delays

in informing staff

Higher employee engagement 

and performance

Better business resilience 

in case of emergency


guest satisfaction

Can be customized 

for the hotel use case

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