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SMS Alert System

Send SMS alerts to your team and instantly reach them for better engagement, performance and safety




Deliver Mobile Text Alerts To All Your Staff

Companies that are determined that their employees receive their communications are looking for solutions such as an SMS alert system to send messages.

The DeskAlerts SMS alert service is a tool that is used in conjunction with other features of the DeskAlerts system such as desktop alerts, scrolling tickers, email and mobile phone alerts and notifications sent via an app.

SMS text alert feature delivers messages to the employees’ mobile phones within a few seconds of the message being sent, meaning they will never miss out on important alerts, even if they don’t have a smartphone.

  • DeskAlerts has developed software that connects to your SMS gateway service provider through API integration.
  • The SMS alert system allows you to integrate with Active Directory or your company’s CRM system to send messages to employees’ mobile phone numbers.
  • There is no need to use a custom template when creating sms text alerts.
  • DeskAlerts uses HTTPS API for sending SMS alerts to the SMS Gateway.
  • It can also be integrated with the Twilio text-to-call API.
  • Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) - for the transfer of short message data between External Short Messaging Entities (ESMEs), Routing Entities (REs) and Message Centres.
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What Is DeskAlerts SMS Alert System?

And why it's a great way to keep employees informed when they are on the go?

SMS notification systems make it easier for organizations to disseminate information

With SMS text alerts organizations can easily reach employees with important corporate communications.

No matter where your workforce is located, they will receive the message. With DeskAlerts you can send SMS alerts that will be delivered on your employees’ phones as a traditional mobile text alert.


What is the difference between DeskAlerts SMS notification and mobile alert?

SMS messages are traditional text messages that support a wider range of devices, but you are limited to sending only short plain text notifications. Wherever your employees have a mobile phone signal they can receive one of these alerts.

The mobile alert app is specifically installed on smartphones and tablets and can be used to send more rich content such as videos and pictures to Android and iOS-based devices.

However, this relies on your employees having internet access, which is not always possible, particularly in the event of an emergency when electricity or internet may go down.

In these scenarios, for example, you can send emergency alerts system SMS messages to your employees.

SMS alert service

Communicate Via Text Messages

All employees can stay informed even when they are out of the office


SMS Notification System Features


Support For All Mobile Devices

Whether your employees use iPhones, Android phones, Blackberry phones, or old analog phones, SMS notifications will work – this is particularly useful if you are using DeskAlerts as an emergency SMS alert system.


Embeddable URL Format

Embeddable URLs allow you to link to web content where employees can read further information.


HTTPS SMS Gateway Support

You can send text messages to your mobile phone provider through an assortment of supported SMS Gateway service providers. This feature works in all countries.


Message Statistics

Determine who has seen your messages and when they saw them – you can  even find out what devices have displayed them.


Active Directory

Synchronization across a limitless number of domains.


Short URL Support

DeskAlerts SMS notifications will shorten all the URLs you add on your text message alert to efficiently fit the character limit.


What is SMS alert system?

An SMS alert system is one that is used to send text alerts – also known as SMS notifications automatically to numbers on a list that are identified as wanting/needing to receive them. 

For companies using them as an internal communication channel, it allows them to send both urgent and non-urgent communications to the entire company at the same time, very quickly. 

SMS alerts are generally deployed using an interface that will then send the messages to the recipients in a very short period of time. Messages can be sent to different groups of employees within the company if you need to send something that is only relevant to a specific cohort, for example, employees in a particular city or all of your managers.

How do text alerts work?

Text alerts are a relatively easy tool to use to send information quickly. They’re a popular method of communication for many companies for both internal and external communications and marketing initiatives. They ensure that information that people need is literally delivered to them in the palm of their hands very quickly.

Text messages can be sent immediately or can be scheduled to be sent in the future. They can also be automated to send in conjunction with other software systems that you use within your company.

In general, all you have to do is compose and send your alerts and ensure that it is sent to a list of people who are added to a subscription list.

What are emergency text messages?

An emergency text message is one that is sent to people to alert them to an urgent situation. Scenarios include fires, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, active shooters, gas leaks, chemical spills, and other accidents that have the potential to endanger peoples’ safety. 

Emergency text messages let you get in touch with a large number of people quickly – so long as they have a mobile phone and a phone signal at the time you send it – and they can be sent to analog or smartphones alike. While emergency text messages are limited in the number of characters that can be sent, they are extremely useful at making people aware of an emergency situation so they can take appropriate steps quickly to be safe.

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