SMS Alert System

Send Mass Text Messages to your team and notify them about changes instantly


Deliver Text Alerts To All Your Staff

  • DeskAlerts developed software that connects to the SMS gateway service provider through API integration
  • The system allows you to integrate with Active Directory or your company’s CRM system to send messages to employees’ mobile phone numbers. 
  • There is no need to use a custom template.
  • DeskAlerts uses WinHTTP API for sending SMS alerts to the SMS Gateway, and WinHTTP uses self-proxy settings that can be configured by ProxyCfg.
  • It can also be integrated with the Twilio text-to-call API.



Use traditional text messaging technology as a communications tool

A great way to keep employees informed when they are on the go

SMS notification systems help organizations disseminate information easier

Through Text Alerts, organizations can easily assemble response teams that will fix problems and cut down costs that involve too much hardware, material waste, time, and effort.

No matter where your workforce are located, you’ll often want to reach them with important corporate communications. With DeskAlerts you can send them alert messages that will be received on their phones as a traditional mobile text alert.

What is the difference between SMS alerts and the mobile app?

SMS messages are traditional text messages that support a wider range of devices, but are limited to only short plain text notifications.  Wherever your employees have a mobile phone signal they can receive one of these alerts.

The mobile alert app is specifically installed on to smartphones and tablets and can be used to send more rich content such as videos and pictures to Android and iOS-based devices.

Communicate via text messages

All employees can stay informed even when they are out of the office


SMS System Features

Support For All Mobile Devices

Whether your employees use iPhones, Android phones, Blackberry phones, or old analog phones, SMS notifications will work with them.

Embeddable URL Format

Link external pages through embeddable URLs. Connect people to the correct web pages instead of having them type it up and consume more time.

HTTP SMS Gateway Support

You can send text messages to your mobile phone provider through an assortment of supported SMS Gateway service providers. This feature works in all countries.

Message Statistics

This will allow the server to track messages down to particular users and connected individual devices.

Active Directory

Synchronization across a limitless number of domains.

Short URL Support

DeskAlerts SMS notifications will shorten all the URLs you add on your text message alert to efficiently fit the character limit.

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