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News Ticker Software

Use news ticker software to update staff about new information immediately without interrupting their work.

  • 100% readership
  • zero complaints from busy colleagues
  • fast to create and send

News Ticker Software


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What Is A Desktop Ticker Tape?

A desktop ticker tape is a band of text that scrolls across a computer screen, usually placed towards the bottom, much like the ticker tape on screen that you see on news and current affairs TV channels (sometimes called news tickers). The text contains important information delivered in the form of headlines that can also be hyperlinked to further information if necessary.

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A powerful yet unintrusive way of broadcasting information

Desktop ticker tape occupies less than 4% of available screen space and does not interfere with other full screen applications - allowing users to carry on with their tasks, paying as much attention to the scrolling headlines as they can afford.

Employees who are busy can simply scan the messages sent to the news ticker software to absorb the content in a way that doesn’t interrupt their work.

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Effective for different communication challenges

The desktop news ticker can be used by different departments to send IT updates, company news, article follow-ups, links to documents and intranet pages.

Our desktop ticker software is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as an application installed on mobile devices (but will appear as a push notification)

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Easy to send and to measure

You have complete control over who you send specific news headlines to and when you can send them – everything can be automated or scheduled, or you can push scrolling headlines out quickly when you have urgent breaking news, creating a live news ticker.

With delivery and read statistics, you can measure the impact, engagement levels and improve performance.

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How To Use The DeskAlerts Desktop Ticker For Business

A news ticker app is a great way for companies to boost their internal communications and share news and information.

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Company news

- Deliver breaking news headlines about your company or industry.

- Deliver updates about how your company or individual work teams are performing.

- Signpost when there are Intranet updates

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IT updates

- Provide information about your IT systems status and any outages.

- Send cybersecurity awareness reminders.

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HR communications

- Send your employees information about new or updated resources, procedures or policies your organization has developed

- Deliver important invitations or send “nudge” reminders about an event that is scheduled to take place.

- Deliver micro or “burst” learning opportunities to your employees.

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Emergency alerts

- Deliver non-urgent emergency communications and warnings.

- Send emergency tips and reminders.

Desktop Scrolling NewsTicker Software Features


Message Statistics

Find out who saw your messages and when they saw them.

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Active Directory

Synchronize your Active Directory over limitless domains.



Send custom messages to specific teams or departments or even to individual users.


Recurring Messages

You can automate your messages so that they send in a recurring way across all the scrolling tickers.



The scrolling ticker keeps a history of all messages that you can use for reference.


Scheduled News

Pre-schedule news and event information to appear on the ticker in advance, making it flexible according to your schedule.


Different devices

Send tickers to desktops, laptops, mobile phones and digital signage with only 1 click.



Use your company logo and color scheme and strengthen your corporate brand from the inside.



Change the screen position, appearance and add links to the tickers for better engagement.

Because not every message will be relevant to every single employee in your organization you can set up specific groups of recipients based on your Active Directory, to receive particular messages. This means that you can send custom information to individual teams, work groups, specific departments – or your entire company.

There are many different ways to make the most out of a desktop ticker to improve communication with your staff. For example, you also have the ability to set multiple headlines, add hyperlinks and determine how users will receive or dismiss the scrolling ticker.

By using the scheduling features you can schedule or launch the news ticker tape to appear on specific dates. And the metrics tools available to you will let you measure how effective sending messages has been.

Benefits of ticker tape software

  • A guaranteed readership rate of 100% - everyone will see your messages

  • The scrolling news feed won’t distract employees from their work

  • Moving text on the screen is highly engaging

  • The customizable scrolling ticker doesn’t take up a lot of space on the screen letting employees get on with their work

  • Drive people to the intranet or company blog or any other under-utilized communication resources


ST George-min
“The central IT department of the university uses DeskAlerts. It preempts unnecessary helpdesk calls by keeping our customers informed and is quick and easy to setup, use and deploy. DeskAlerts makes it easy to tailor notifications to our requirements and represents a great value for money.”
St GeorgeTs, University of London
Valente Panattoni, Senior Desktop Support Analyst
“The scope of alert is easy to configure via Active Directory groups and organizational units. All working users have the right information at the right time via the Broadcast feature. In case of incidents and maintenance activities, we can inform our customers rapidly. This is an easy-to-use and cost-effective alerting tool.”
Hôpital du Valais
Leo Kalbermatten, Chef Operations IT
“I would highly recommend DeskAlerts. Easy to use interface and friendly to install. We use DeskAlerts in-house to broadcast announcements, such as software update alerts. An example would be Quicktime software removal from desktops.”
Stephen Bender

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