Email Overload Solutions And Sofware For Internal Comunication

Corporate Communications Have Become Cluttered

Corporate communications have become cluttered

The Digital Age means that people are overloaded with more information than ever before, coming at them from many different channels.

Cutting through the digital clutter is a challenge for anyone trying to get their message out there, and especially for organizations looking to engage and inform their employees.

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Email overload in today’s workplace

It’s a common problem – inboxes bulging with hundreds of new messages every day. Finding the time to read them all can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Often important information will be missed completely as it gets “buried” in the avalanche of incoming messages.

There’s a very real risk that important information will not be read or acted upon if you send it via your email system.

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Schedule in advance

Shedule DeskAlerts in advance to be issued at certain dates and times


DeskAlerts will let you know that your recipients have read the messages.

Intranet Information

DeskAlerts messages can be used to send employees to information on the company’s intranet site


Send reminder notices about important upcoming events or information.


Send messages to all your employees or just to specific, defined audiences


Keep your employees safe in an emergency by sending alerts to their screens

Communication Tools 

What Our Customers Say

University of Southampton

We found DeskAlerts was the only choice to meet our needs as well as being affordable and flexible. After considering whether to make our own software we decided that was not a good idea and would keep us from our core business.

Masanutten Resort

DeskAlerts is a great tool that will definitely improve your communication strategy to users as well as allow you to do many other functions to delivery great service to your organization in terms of enterprise-wide communications.
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Cut through the email clutter with DeskAlerts

Research from McKinsey Global Institute has found the average employee spends around 28% of their working week reading and responding to emails – costing the economy billions of dollars each year.

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DeskAlerts Helps

When you have important information to share with your staff, DeskAlerts can send messages straight to their desktops and other devices in a way that can’t be ignored. Use it to communicate critical information, or drive them to your intranet site.

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