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Mobile Alert App For Business


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Easy To Use And Deploy

The Practical Choice for A Communication Channel

How to use DeskAlerts on mobile phones

Your employees can easily download our mobile alert app from the Google Play or Apple App Store, ready for installation on their tablets or smartphones. With an active internet connection, they will receive push notifications, keeping them in sync with your significant corporate news, irrespective of their location or activity.

This mobile alert system operates differently from SMS notifications, which only necessitate a mobile phone connection.

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How does the DeskAlerts software send messages to applications?

Administrators can craft messages via the DeskAlerts user dashboard accessible from a specific address on your company's Internet or Intranet site. When creating messages, they can choose to dispatch alerts to employees as push notifications, delivered directly to devices where the Mobile Alert App is installed. Alerts can also be sent to employees’ desktop computers.

These push notifications have the flexibility to display text, pictures, and even video content.

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Send a wide range of messages to tablets and smartphones

DeskAlerts' mobile alert apps ensure constant connection with your staff, promptly pushing company updates to their devices.

With our standard mobile alert system app, employees can receive not just regular push notifications or emergency alerts, but also polls, quizzes, surveys, video messages, internal newsletters, event RSVPs, and more.

Using our One Click app for Emergency you can send special emergency alerts to your employees, whether they're on-field or off-duty, with the added advantage of receiving delivery reports during the process.

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Send Rich Push Notifications

With the DeskAlerts Mobile App you can send messages in different formats including text, pictures and even video content.

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Mobile Apps Features

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Active Directory

You can integrate with the Active Directory settings over an unlimited number of domains.


Embeddable URL Format

Link employees to content found on web sites. Sending them the direct link saves time.


Support For Mobile Devices

Push notifications to iPhones, Android phones.


Message Statistics

A powerful function that lets you gather data on messages that were sent and received.


Recurring Messages

Set messages that repeat at customized intervals across your network



Target employees per department, team, or individual.

Benefits of DeskAlerts Mobile Alert App

  • The app provides a central platform for all employee communications, reducing email clutter and ensuring messages don't get overlooked.
  • Boosts crisis management by enabling rapid, efficient dissemination of urgent updates across the workforce.
  • Enables monitoring of message receipt by employees through the Statistics Module, along with the generation of detailed reports.
  • By allowing instant feedback and interaction, the app can increase employee engagement and encourage a culture of open communication.
  • Guarantees clarity and readability of alerts on any device by dynamically adapting to fit any screen size,
  • Enhances interoperability with existing communication ecosystems by seamlessly integrating with other business apps like Skype for Business or Slack




Pop-up alerts

Highly visible pop-up messages right on the employees' computer screens.


Video alerts

Engaging video messages sent directly to  computer screens.


Corporate wallpapers

Set the corporate background of employees' employees PC's and easily change it.


SMS alerts

Send SMS alerts to your team and instantly reach them for better engagement, performance and safety.

Our Clients

Vodacom_Logo sykes-sm Oxford Hopsital Hilton-Worldwide arca-continental-sm total Etisalat

What our customers say about the Mobile Alert App

ST George-min
“The central IT department of the university uses DeskAlerts. It preempts unnecessary helpdesk calls by keeping our customers informed and is quick and easy to setup, use and deploy. DeskAlerts makes it easy to tailor notifications to our requirements and represents a great value for money.”
St GeorgeTs, University of London
Valente Panattoni, Senior Desktop Support Analyst
“The scope of alert is easy to configure via Active Directory groups and organizational units. All working users have the right information at the right time via the Broadcast feature. In case of incidents and maintenance activities, we can inform our customers rapidly. This is an easy-to-use and cost-effective alerting tool.”
Hôpital du Valais
Leo Kalbermatten, Chef Operations IT
“I would highly recommend DeskAlerts. Easy to use interface and friendly to install. We use DeskAlerts in-house to broadcast announcements, such as software update alerts. An example would be Quicktime software removal from desktops.”
Stephen Bender


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