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Communication in education

Inform and engage administration, staff and students more effectively with our education communication solution.



communication in education

Effective communication in education is critical

With so many students and employees, a number of differently located campuses, staff working autonomously ... it can be so easy for people to lose the track of the institutions's latest news and important information.

In schools, colleges and universities information flows all day long – and information overload affects this sector enormously.

That is why it is crucial to have a tool that can cut through the digital “noise” by ensuring all staff and students are kept informed... a tool like DeskAlerts.

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Solution that meets the communication needs of educational organization

DeskAlerts education communications solution ensures that important information will be 100% received, read, responded to and appropriately acted upon - if needed.

The tool is easy to use even for non-IT specialists and can be seamlessly integrated with many of the other systems you currently use for communications for the education sector.

DeskAlerts tools are eye catching and particularly appealing to younger generations as they look very similar to the channels they are used to using in their everyday lives.

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How DeskAlerts improves communication in education

The education communication solution sends messages to employee and student devices via different channels, attracting their attention, reinforcing your messaging and increasing the levels of engagement and safety on campus.


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Reach and inform everyone

Reach and inform everyone

- Inform people about any news or changes during a couple of minutes with desktop pop-up alerts, mobile app.

- Target only those who are affected (even if it is only one user)

- Get data about who saw the message and acknowledged it

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Engage staff and students

Engage staff and students

- Use video alerts and visual computer wallpapers or digital signage to reinforce your message

- Surveys that are shown directly on desktops or mobile will enable you to get the feedback faster

- Remind people about school events using different channels like RSVP alerts and desktop tickers

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Send on time IT alerts

Send on time IT alerts

- Inform all affected users about planned maintenance or unexpected outages in a timely manner.

- Keep users updated with desktop tickers.

- Promote and raise cybersecurity awareness via organizational lock screens and screensavers.

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Provide campus safety

Provide campus safety

- Pop-up and mobile alerts are a great way of informing staff and students about any emergencies.

- Trigger emergency alerts though a panic button or a mobile app.

- Use computer wallpapers and screensavers to raise awareness about safety tips and evacuation routes.

Try DeskAlerts and see if it fits the communication needs of your educational facility

Forget about information delays and lack of employee feedback.With DeskAlerts you can reach all employees or targeted groups of employees in one click of a button.


DeskAlerts tools for communications in Educational institutions



Reach managers, staff and students who are in front of their computers at that point in time.



Deliver communication to all people who are away from their computers at that point in time.


Digital signage

Display your messages in the halls and study rooms and even outside of buildings.

Discover all DeskAlerts features for educational organizations


Intranet Information

Use DeskAlerts to direct your employees to relevant content that lives on your school’s intranet site.



Send messages to all staff, or to custom audiences, depending on who needs to know the information.


Schedule In Advance

Write the messages now to be sent at a later date and time.



Remind your team about important upcoming events and other information



Quickly alert your employees to an emergency situation, even if their screens are locked or on screensaver mode.



Find out quickly and easily if your employees have received and seen your messages.

What our customers say about DeskAlerts

“University uses DeskAlerts to give customers updates regarding IT services. DeskAlerts preempts unnecessary helpdesk calls by keeping all customers informed.”

ST George_nobg

Education, Great Britain


Our main direct and urgent messaging system

“DeskAlerts software succeeded the homemade solution and provided the missing capabilities of detailed reporting, policy delegation and others.”
Olivier Jeuniau
Information Systems Department

The only solution that fits the needs

“DeskAlerts was the only software solution with the features we wanted to do the job we needed. It was also both flexible and affordable, which was the deciding factor in our investment. After briefly considering writing our own software we decided that would be unsustainable and would take away time we could spend on our core business.”
Nick Williams
University of Southampton
Saint-Anne private school

A tool that works across different operating systems and delivers messages with the rich content

“We were looking for a software solution, that could fulfill the requirements of a school announcement system. After trying a few solutions, we opted for DeskAlerts. DeskAlerts allows the school director to transmit pre-recorded messages (text, audio, video) to the teacher’s computer in our classrooms. With an alert appearing on screen, the teacher powers on beamer and speakers and plays the message to the students in this classroom.”
Victor Gonçalves
IT Department

Benefits of DeskAlerts as an education communication system

be more informed

Staff and students

are on the loop



campus safety

employee engagement

Higher engagement

in organization initiatives

Reduces information

Less communication


Better communications

More efficient


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