Why you need effective communication

No matter what type of educational institution you work in – an elementary school, high school or college – you need to communicate well with your staff, students, parents and community to ensure ongoing success.

Challenges Communicating With Employees In The Education Sector

There are so many responsibilities for educators, they can get caught up in day-to-day activities and lose sight of larger issues. Schools are big places where there are lots of distractions - and many staff tends to work autonomously. They are also places where information flows all day long – and information overload affects this sector enormously.

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Intranet Information

Use DeskAlerts to direct your employees to relevant content that lives on your school’s intranet site.


Send messages to all staff, or to custom audiences, depending on who needs to know the information.

Schedule in advance

Write the messages now to be sent at a later date and time.


Remind your team about important upcoming events and other information


Quickly alert your employees to an emergency situation, even if their screens are locked or on screensaver mode.


Find out quickly and easily if your employees have received and seen your messages.

Communication Tools 

What Our Clients Say

Henry Ford Community College

We chose DeskAlerts as the best way to get notifications out to the largest number of people in the fastest time possible. We’ve deployed it to every employee workstation and student compter on our campus.

University of Southampton

DeskAlerts was the only software solution with the features we wanted to do the job we needed. It was also both flexible and affordable, which was the deciding factor in our investment. After briefly considering writing our own software we decided that would be unsustainable and would take away time we could spend on our core business.
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Improve Trust With DeskAlerts

A survey from Employer Rising Weber Shandwick found that only 32% of employees highly rate communications from their organization’s leadership.

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DeskAlerts Helps

DeskAlerts can cut through the digital “noise” by ensuring all staff are kept informed via messages direct to their desktops that they are unable to ignore.