Microsoft Teams integration

Power up your internal communications by combining DeskAlerts and MS Teams



A new Microsoft Teams integration feature from DeskAlerts makes it even easier to reach your employees, no matter where they are. All you have to do is install a DeskAlerts bot on your company’s MS Teams instance, and DeskAlerts messages will be sent to employees’ devices so long as they have installed Teams on it.  

This means you don’t have to worry about installing the DeskAlerts employee app on every mobile device by using Microsoft Teams as an alternative. This is a great way to ensure that all your important internal communication is delivered to people in a way that is accessible – and can be done effectively in one place. As your staff spend a lot of time on MS Teams every day, you can be sure they’ll see your DeskAlerts messages even if they’re away from their desks.


Why you need the Microsoft Teams integration

It’s easier, faster and cheaper to integrate existing communication tools than trying to develop new one

Reach all employees

Reach all employees quickly, even if they don’t have the DeskAlerts employee app on their phones

100% read rate

Ensures greater visibility of your important information with MS Teams as an alternative

Reduce user error

Reduce user error when employees install the employee app incorrectly on their phones

Free SMS alternative

Send messages to mobile phones not using the DeskAlerts client app without having to pay for SMS costs.





Who benefits from using the MS Teams integration?

  • Companies that have a large adoption of MS Teams
  • Employees working remotely
  • Employees who are traveling for business or aren’t office based
  • The Microsoft Teams delivery alternative means the IT team doesn’t have to install the DeskAlerts employee app on hundreds of devices
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This isn’t just an MS Teams alternative – it’s an enhancement

 This powerful integration of DeskAlerts and Microsoft Teams will help you reach new heights in internal communications, effectively turning Teams into another important internal communications delivery channel. Get in touch with our team of internal communications experts to arrange your free demonstration about this feature, and others, today.


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