Using Microsoft Teams For Communication In The Company Becomes Easier

Caroline Duncan - Dec 17, 2020 7:56:06 PM


Internal communication issues just got easier to solve, now that internal communication software solution DeskAlerts can be integrated with Microsoft Teams.

DeskAlerts is a tool used by more than 700 large organizations worldwide to improve internal communications in their companies, using a variety of channels. Its integration with Microsoft Teams means that it can be used to deliver messages in even more ways than before.


What is Microsoft Teams?

Being part of the Microsoft 365 suite of programs, Microsoft Teams is used as a business communications platform. It offers a variety of functions, including chat, videoconferencing, file sharing, and storage.  The “Teams” name really explains how it can be used - you can use it for different work teams to collaborate - say, for example, everyone involved in a particular project or everyone for a specific work team.

In October 2020, Microsoft announced it had 115 million daily active users of Teams - an increase of 50% from the beginning of the pandemic.  This increased uptake of the platform is thought to be symbolic of new ways of working that will outlive the pandemic and will transform workplaces on an ongoing basis.

Recently Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365, said, “People don’t just open Teams to join a meeting and then close it when the meeting is over, they work in Teams all day.”

Advantages of using Microsoft teams and DeskAlerts integration

Making Microsoft Teams more useful to organizations using it allowed third-party app developers to integrate with it for the first time in 2020.  This has helped to drive further uptake of Microsoft Teams, as well as to make it more useful for organizations as a collaboration platform.  

Among the apps to be integrated into Teams is DeskAlerts, a multi-channel internal communications software solution that improves information sharing in organizations by cutting through “digital clutter” using various tools to make sure messages are seen and information is retained.

DeskAlerts allows you to send messages via pop-up notifications, push notifications, SMS alerts, scrolling desktop tickers, video alerts, and more. It also has channels such as corporate wallpaper, corporate screensavers, and digital signage, surveys, quizzes, polls. It can be used in a range of situations, from emergencies to RSVPing events. The system is designed to be obtrusive and can reach employees on virtually any corporate device - desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

The benefits of using DeskAlerts include avoiding information overload. It's very easy for important corporate information to get lost in overflowing email inboxes or lost in a flood of information on a platform such as Teams. And while Teams is an excellent platform for sharing, organizations must have another method to ensure important information stands out when too many people post too much information.

When your organization uses DeskAlerts alongside Microsoft Teams, your employees will recognize that the DeskAlerts notifications contain more valuable information that they should pay attention to compared with regular emails or Teams messages. 

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In addition to this, DeskAlerts or Teams is another tool you can include in your internal communications arsenal to reach as many employees as possible.

The DeskAlerts integration with Microsoft Teams now enables organizations to send DeskAlerts messages to PCs and mobile devices that don’t have a DeskAlerts client application installed. There is a range of circumstances where this might be the case - particularly during the pandemic with employees working remotely on private devices or the device not being connected to the corporate network.

It also means that employees who are out of the office - on the road or traveling or working offsite - can access this information in place of sending an SMS to them.


How DeskAlerts works with Microsoft Teams

The integration allows you to install the DeskAlerts Bot on your company’s Teams instance and is connected to DeskAlerts to deliver copies of desktop alerts when you specify Teams as a delivery channel in the content creator.  You can send both text and pictures via the DeskAlerts Bot.

Messages created in the DeskAlerts control panel can be sent via various channels, including push notifications to mobiles, desktop pop-ups, and Teams all at the same time.

This means that employees who are using Teams on their own devices will see DeskAlerts messages without installing the DeskAlerts client. 

As with all DeskAlerts features, you can send to custom audiences, send instantly, or schedule your messages to be sent at a later point in time, streamlining your internal communication efforts.


Staying connected no matter where your employees are located is critical to ensuring you have a cohesive team working together towards common goals.

Get a personalized demo to see how DeskAlerts can integrate with your organization’s Microsoft Teams function by getting in touch with us today.



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