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4 Ways To Use Computer Ticker Tape Software For PC in 2023

Caroline Duncan - Dec 21, 2022 1:00:00 AM


Whenever you watch a news channel or program on television, it's more than likely you’ll see a scrolling band of text along the bottom of the screen, broadcasting different headlines and other information while you watch the program.

Topics: Corporate Communication Tools- Internal Communication Tools- Ticker

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14 Ways to Use Employee Messaging System In The Workplace In 2023

Caroline Duncan - Nov 25, 2022 6:00:00 PM

Sending employee messages via SMS can be an excellent additional tool to add to your internal communications toolbox. Using text messages to communicate with employees is a great way to reach them no matter where they are or what they are doing, and can help you overcome issues with unreliable communication methods such as email.

Topics: Internal Communication Tools- Internal Communications

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How Pop Up Message Is Helping Communication Teams Reach Employees

Caroline Duncan - Nov 23, 2022 1:21:00 PM

A typical employee has too many tasks to accomplish in a normal working day that it can be challenging for the corporate communications team, HR and other departments to get their attention. There is an ingenious and practical way to reach these employees: pop-up messaging.

Topics: Improve Corporate Communication- Desktop Alerts Software- Internal Communication Tools- Pop-up alerts

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Why Your Company Needs a Dedicated Channel for Important Internal Communication

Caroline Duncan - Nov 16, 2022 8:45:00 AM

Employees have never had access to more information in the workplace than they do today. While that seems like a great thing in theory, in reality it can be overwhelming for employees as they become overloaded and overburdened with information. For companies needing to send important information to their staff, this can be extremely problematic, and requires a unique solution.

Topics: Corporate Communication Tools- Desktop Alerts Software- Internal Communication Tools

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12 Top MS Teams alternatives to improve internal comms in 2023

Caroline Duncan - Nov 10, 2022 6:59:12 PM

Many companies have embraced the use of Microsoft Teams as a communication and collaboration tool within their organizations. But Microsoft Teams doesn’t always suit every organization. In recent years there has been a proliferation of Microsoft Teams alternatives hitting the market place. Some have similar features, some have unique ones. Is your organization currently using the solution that is best for your specific needs?

Topics: Internal Communication Channels- Internal Communication Tools

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6 Ways Pop-up Alerts Revolutionize HR Communications

Caroline Duncan - Oct 27, 2022 6:40:00 PM

Internal communications are important in every organization to keep people linked, connected and working towards the same goals. Different parts of the organization need to ensure that people understand important aspects of the work that they are responsible for, and one of the main areas that need to communicate with employees is the Human Resources department.

Topics: Desktop Alerts- Desktop Alerts Software- Internal Communication Tools- HR Communications- Pop-up alerts

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Pros And Cons of Instant Messaging For Business Communications

Caroline Duncan - Oct 7, 2022 12:30:00 AM

Instant messages can be a quick, easy way for two people – or small groups of people – to chat and share information. They give the participants a very simple and efficient way to have a conversation while also working on other tasks at the same time.

Topics: Internal Communication Tools- Internal Communications

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Corporate Wallpaper Group Policy: Pros and Cons

Caroline Duncan - Aug 31, 2022 3:45:00 PM

The background on your employees’ computer desktops is valuable real estate for communicating with them. The space can be used to display all sorts of messaging, from corporate values to reminders about security or news and information about your organization’s latest projects, products and initiatives.

It’s a great way to passively reinforce messages that you are delivering to employees via other channels. Whenever they look at their computer desktops, they’ll see the information you want them to see. This method isn’t as obtrusive as other methods of communication.

Having corporate wallpaper also ensures that your employees aren’t setting their own and using images that are inappropriate.

In many companies, deploying uniform corporate wallpaper tends to be done via the IT department using the Group Policy feature that is built into Windows. Group Policy is a tool that enables centralized management and configuration of a range of Windows features on user computers, such as applications and user settings.

Topics: Internal Communication Tools- IT communications- Corporate wallpaper

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Employee Communication App: How to choose in 2022

Caroline Duncan - Aug 26, 2022 12:00:00 PM

The world of work is always rapidly changing and evolving. With remote work on the rise, particularly during the change to home-based work during the pandemic, employees aren’t sitting in offices working in traditional settings all the time.

Topics: Internal Communication Channels- Internal Communication Tools

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Employee Notification System: Keep Your People Informed and Safe

Caroline Duncan - Jul 27, 2022 7:00:00 PM

If your company needs to overhaul the way it communicates with employees and alerts them to important information, an employee notification system can definitely help. Employee alerts can be sent in a range of different circumstances and scenarios.

Topics: Desktop Alerts Software- Emergency Alert System- Internal Communication Tools- Mass notification

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