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DeskAlerts 11 for Streamlined Internal Communication

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Effective internal communication is critical to success in today’s rapidly evolving business environment. Organizations thrive when there is a seamless flow of information from management to employees and across departments. This enables teams to collaborate efficiently and make informed decisions. Recognizing this need for enhanced communication, we are excited to bring to you a solution that can elevate this experience to new levels.

We're proud to introduce DeskAlerts 11- the latest and most advanced version of our software that is poised to streamline internal communication processes like never before. DeskAlerts 11 is a business communication solution that can be used to send urgent notifications and critical announcements across various channels, including desktops, mobile devices, email, and SMS, guaranteeing maximum reach and engagement. Now improved, it operates faster, more efficiently, and with an enhanced user-friendly interface that simplifies the process.

Let's dive deeper into its exceptional features and understand how it's setting new standards in the world of business communication.

Table of contents

What’s new in DeskAlerts 11

How DeskAlerts 11 streamlines business operations

How DeskAlerts 11 benefits your employees

Shared benefits for business and employees

Why you need DeskAlerts 11 to streamline your communications

What’s new in DeskAlerts 11

DeskAlerts 11 builds on the success of previous versions of the software and is tailored to the needs of large businesses. The updated features have been specifically designed and included to meet the growing demands of large companies to both streamline business operations and enhance employee satisfaction.

DeskAlerts 11 has lightning-fast delivery to a larger number of people. Instant and direct communication with employees allows businesses to solve problems more quickly and improve business workflows. The control panel has been redesigned to make it easier to use, and the employee mobile app has also been upgraded for a better user experience for the employee.

There are also enhanced data protections bringing peace of mind to both employers and employees alike, as well as a redesign of the Application Programming Interface (API) that lets companies more easily integrate DeskAlerts 11 with the other systems and tools in their organizations - allowing them to create their own unique ecosystems and save valuable time and improve productivity.

How DeskAlerts 11 streamlines business operations

The newest release of DeskAlerts will streamline business operations by improving internal communication and ensuring the seamless flow of information throughout your organization:

1. Fast delivery and delivery confirmation

When you need to communicate instantly with a large workforce, DeskAlerts 11 has you covered. Businesses can now send messages instantly to employees' desktops, tablets, and smartphones – basically any corporate device. With DeskAlerts 11, we guarantee delivery of 20,000 messages within seconds. This enables ultra-fast dissemination of important information, including urgent notifications, policy updates, and critical announcements. Delivery confirmations are also instant, giving you peace of mind that your employees have received the critical information and can begin to act on it.

2. Centralized communication hub

With DeskAlerts 11, it’s easier than ever to integrate the system with other tools in your tech stack. Our Application Programming Interface (API) has been redesigned for more seamless and comprehensive integration with other tools. You can create a unified system unique to your organization that consolidates various communication channels, making it easier for employees to access important information in one place. This reduces the time spent searching for information across different platforms and applications. Our team of experts can help you with any custom integrations that you need.

3. Real-time reporting and analytics

DeskAlerts 11 provides businesses with extended reports on delivery status, meaning – you can track the delivery and engagement of messages, measure the effectiveness of communication campaigns, and gather valuable insights into employee behavior and preferences. You’ll always know who saw your critical messages and even which device they used at the time, including text message delivery confirmation if you send by SMS. This data-driven approach helps businesses to identify communication gaps, refine strategies, and optimize internal processes.

4. Improved user control panel

Whether you need to send something as quickly as possible because time is of the essence, or you’re just very busy and need to save valuable time, DeskAlerts 11’s improved user control panel enables you to send messages to employees more quickly than before. This means you can swiftly respond to any emergency situations and easily navigate any daily challenges that occur within your business.

5. Enhanced cyber security 

DeskAlerts 11 offers enhanced data protection and is compliant with security standards that will provide peace of mind to your employees, as well as to the company. You can be assured that your internal business data is protected, and your employees’ privacy and personal information are also safeguarded.

6. Instant feedback from employees

Send surveys, polls, and quizzes to 20,000 instantly to get the most up-to-date and comprehensive insights into your employees’ engagement levels. You’ll be able to get feedback in real time, instantly, on any engagement or health and well-being measure you need insights into. This will empower your company to implement proactive solutions to any issues that arise. Your prompt responsiveness to employee concerns will boost morale and improve productivity.

How DeskAlerts 11 benefits your employees

DeskAlerts 11 benefits both employees and business alike with prompt and streamlined information sharing:

  • Ultra-fast message delivery means employees can make timely decisions based on the most accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Instant communication can clarify any confusion or misunderstandings within the organization, meaning everyone can proceed with the correct information. This reduces the potential for mistakes.
  • By keeping employees quickly and reliably informed, you can build a strong workplace culture for them by fostering a sense of inclusion and involvement, leading to increased employee engagement and morale.
  • The redesigned employee app will help employees to make life-or-death decisions in the event of an emergency, even if they aren’t at their desks at the time. Coupled with a visually stunning interface that's intuitively easy to navigate, this new mobile app also offers a highly engaging user experience.
  • Integration with other systems in your organization will help employees to be more focused and productive, with less distractions.
  • Security enhancements will provide employees with peace of mind that their personal information is secure.

Shared benefits for business and employees

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DeskAlerts 11 is tailored to meet the communications needs of large businesses while understanding the needs of employees. As experts in this field, we know that improving internal communication in organizations can be challenging. When there are thousands of employees in an organization, it can be difficult to reach everyone simultaneously with the important information they need to do their jobs well and to feel engaged.

  • Ultra-fast message delivery benefits everyone: Employees need to all be on the same page and understand corporate goals so that they can do their jobs well and understand how they contribute to company outcomes. There are also risks when there are updates to policies, procedures, and regulatory changes when people are unaware of the change and are therefore not complying.
  • Get employee perspectives quicker than ever before: Employees are at the coal face of your business operations and often know about issues long before they filter up to management. With DeskAlerts 11, you can survey your employees in real-time and get instant feedback on any new or emerging issues so that you can take decisive action to improve business outcomes. Employees will be empowered to speak up and contribute to a respectful and productive workplace where they feel valued.
  • Keep employees safe no matter where they are working from: Enhancements to our mobile app make it easier for employees to see emergency notifications on their phones and tablet devices. No matter where your employees are working, you can keep them informed about emergency situations so they can take steps to be safe.

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  • Provide a better employee experience: When you integrate DeskAlerts 11 with other systems and tools in your organization via the API, you create a better employee experience. This can reduce frustrations and save time.
  • Enhanced data protection for everyone: Security enhancements benefit both the business and the employee, providing peace of mind that data is safe.

Why you need DeskAlerts 11 to streamline your communications

DeskAlerts 11 is an all-in-one communication software solution for your business, providing you with innovative digital channels and tools to both send notifications and ensure that important information is received.

With DeskAlerts 11, you can leverage multichannel capabilities and instantly deliver high-priority information to different channels in a way that cannot be ignored by employees.

Our innovative digital tools include:

DeskAlerts 11 for Streamlined Internal Communication_3


By streamlining communication, DeskAlerts 11 enables businesses to operate more efficiently, collaborate effectively, and respond swiftly to changes. It minimizes communication barriers, reduces information overload, and empowers employees with the right tools to perform their roles effectively. Ultimately, this streamlined communication leads to improved productivity, stronger teamwork, and better overall business outcomes. To see the benefits of DeskAlerts 11 in your organization, book a free demonstration today with our team of experts.


What is streamlining internal communication?

Streamlining internal communication is the process of optimizing and simplifying the flow of information within an organization. It involves eliminating unnecessary steps, reducing communication barriers, and ensuring timely and targeted delivery of messages.

Why is streamlined communication important?

By streamlining communications in the workplace, businesses can enhance efficiency, collaboration, and productivity. This ultimately leads to improvements in decision-making, employee engagement, and overall organizational success.

How do you streamline communication in the workplace?

There are several steps to take to streamline internal communications:

  • Establish clear communication channels and protocols to ensure consistency and efficiency.
  • Introduce centralized platforms or tools that consolidate various communication channels.
  • Encourage concise and precise messaging.
  • Regularly assess and refine communication processes to identify areas for improvement.
  • Foster a culture of open and transparent communication.
  • Provide training and resources to enhance communication skills.
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