Extended Statistics

deskalerts extended statistics

Monitor Your Employees Responsiveness

When you’re communicating with staff it’s important to know if your messages have been received – knowing how to measure employee engagement and having the right tool for the job is essential.

DeskAlerts Extended Statistics Module features auto-updating statistic sheets showing the status of the messages you have sent.

It features statistics by dates, allowing you to track message delivery down to specific users and devices, charts, the ability to export data to a CSV file, and support for widgets.



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What Does The Extended Statistics Do?

If you’re wanting to know how to measure employee engagement, you’ll be on your way with the Extended Statistics module. Extended Statistics are enhanced date-marked statistics you can access through the DeskAlerts control panel. It records all the data produced by users, as well as alerts ad survey feedback. You can easily see who has not seen your messages.




Extended Statistics keeps all the data it receives and interpret them into a visual representation which you can analyze for yourself.

Export Of Data To .Csv File

Data can be exported into comma separated values format which will be visually rendered as tables with values in each cell. This cuts down data encoding time.

Open Ratio

This shows the ratio between sent surveys and the received ones.

Statistics Details

This is the list of users who received, acknowledged, and didn’t receive your alerts. This is sorted per alert and per user. This is the list of users who received, didn’t receive, voted in, and didn’t vote in your surveys. From this panel, you can track the survey results.

User Statistics

This shows the summary of the information about the users in your network, starting with the most recently active.

Widget Support

Extended Statistics can accommodate data in widget format where you can constantly see data changes.

What are other things Extended Statistics can let me do?