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It Would Pop-Up No Matter What Actions Are Being Carried Out On The Recipient Device And Block An Employee's Work Until He Or She Reads Your Message To The End


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Deliver Rich and Eye Catching Desktop Alerts

Desktop alert software let you quickly and easily inform your employees, clients or other people who have installed the desktop notification system. When you write and send alerts, they appear within a predefined period of time as a pop-up on the user’s screen.

Deskalerts pop-up notifications are located at strategic positions on the screen and would pop-up no matter what actions are being carried out on the recipient device. This functionality makes it a must-have as information is guaranteed to get across and can’t be missed or blocked. This is especially beneficial when the important and quick delegation of tasks is in question or in the case of informing against security and emergency.

As well as sending text format alerts, you can also send alerts in video format, send emergency crisis notifications or send an RSVP to employees to confirm their attendance at an upcoming event.


Take Control On Your Communications With Desktop Alert Software

DeskAlerts will get employees' attention in the most reliable way

A desktop alert is a pop-up notification that appears on a user's screen after being created, configured and sent by the message’s owner. Benefits include:

  • The ability to deliver pop-up notifications via desktop notification system straight to your employees’ screens and completely bypassing the email system
  • Directly sending staff vital information
  • Grabbing your audience’s attention immediately
  • Making everyone aware
  • Getting your corporate news and alerts to reach everyone in the company
  • Bypassing information overload
  • Presenting important messages
  • Driving behavioral, cultural or procedural change
  • Reducing corporate spam
  • Sharing your organization’s latest videos, advertising campaigns or media coverage
  • Send your important company messages to employee screens, with the ability to target specific groups using Active Directory integration

Desktop alerts are distinctly visual messages that give the reader a sense of immediacy. This makes them powerful for pushing announcements and other information that are a high priority for your company.

Case studie for St George's University of London

“DeskAlerts is central to our customer communication strategy. Our IT department uses it successfully to pre-empt calls to the help desk by keeping our customers informed of any issues. ”
CHU Saint-Pierre

Education, Great Britain


How To Use Desktop Notification System

Your employees will receive DeskAlerts notifications on their computers or mobile phones via an application installed allowing them to receive these messages. This desktop notification system gives you control over how and when to send messages via an online dashboard. With DeskAlerts you're able to manage the look of each desktop alert and the content you send. You can customize alerts to set the border color, add images and multimedia, including HTML code, put in header information, set the size of the desktop alert message and even the position it will appear in on a recipient’s screen.

You can utilize the SMS messaging channel to target older devices, not capable of running a mobile app. Marking an alert as "high priority" will ensure that the message is delivered even to users who have opted out of receiving normal severity messages, and, if needed, will pop up on the locked screen of a workstation.

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Benefits Of Desktop Notification Tool

A Desktop Alert sits outside of the email system and is used to in its place to ensure that the contents of the message cannot be missed or ignored

Messages can be also:

  • set to require a reading confirmation;
  • marked as low-priority (not popping up until end user wants them to);
  • set to be deleted from end user workstation after reading to conserve space;
  • fitted with an auto-close timer to ensure that they will stay on-screen for a limited period of time before automatically disappearing.


Desktop Alert Tool Features

Different Templates

Customize alerts with different templates that are designed to be sent which can be used to indicate different message audience, message topic or message severity level.

Scheduled Messaging

The PC alert tool lets you schedule notifications in advance to send at a later date. Schedule messages on a particular date and time.

Message Statistics

Reporting features allow the sender to ascertain the effect of the communication. It can be used to keep track of who is attending each session.

Select a device

When you create notifications you can select which type of device you are sending to – when you select the “mobile” option it will send to your users with the DeskAlerts mobile application. When you select the desktop option it will send to those with the solution on their PC desktops.

Emergency Mass Notification

Notify about emergency in one click. Urgent alerts will appear ahead of any other desk messages.

Active Directory Integration

Synchronization across a limitless number of domains. You can determine who you send the messages to – you can send to your entire company, or just to specific groups and locations, teams or individuals.

When you need to be in touch with your staff


  • External alerts
  • Breaking news
  • Company updates and announcements
  • Product changes
  • Career opportunities
  • Emergency notifications
  • System updates
  • Outage notifications
  • Reminders about events
  • Compliance standards and industry updates
  • Time-sensitive information
  • Important updates to policies and procedures

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