Desktop alert

DeskAlerts Pop up Alert

Сan’t be skipped or ignored

When you need to communicate important information with your employees, you need an effective corporate notification system. Communication is crucial when it comes to making a business run as efficiently as possible.

Sending emails is the most common medium of communication in many offices. But not every email will be seen or opened by employees, making it an ineffective choice as a corporate notification system.

Additionally, not every email platform has the ability to tell you whether your email has been opened already by the receiver.

When you use DeskAlerts as your corporate notification system, messages are sent straight to your employees’ computers in the form of a pop-up window that can’t be skipped or ignored.

The pop-up alert will always be the top item on a screen, no matter what apps or software your staff are using – even if it is locked or in screensaver mode.

You can send rich content, including images, audio, video and html. The DeskAlerts corporate notification system comes with Windows and OSX support. You can customize your alerts to match your corporate branding and also create templates you can use in advance. The system will also confirm who has read the messages, in real time.

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What do Desktop Alerts do?

The DeskAlerts corporate notification system delivers information straight to the computer screens of the users that you target – either everyone in the organization, or selected users – in the form of a pop-up window that cannot be ignored.



Pop-Up Alert

The message that appears as a pop-up window on the desktop monitors.


Gather and bundle different types of content with just one click.

Emergency Mass Notification

Notify about emergency in one click.

Message Statistics

Message status reports will be sent to the server with recorded dates.

Scheduled Messaging

Schedule messages on a particular date and time.

Active Directory

Synchronization across a limitless number of domains.

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