Support Plans





  Available for

DeskAlerts V7 and higher








 Coverage Hours

Business Hours

Eastern Standard time: 2AM to 5PM
Central European time: 8AM to 11PM
Gulf Standard time: 10AM to 1AM

Number of support incidents   



Number of admin contacts



On-site assistance

Not available

Partly available
Additional charge applicable

Technical Support


Phone / web / email

Remote support tools

Email correspondence via the helpdesk system with up to 2-hours (Monday - Friday) response time. “How-to” questions regarding features/functionality.

- Email correspondence via the helpdesk system with up to 2-hours (Monday - Friday) response time.

- Using GoToMeeting and TeamViewer, technical support engineers quickly resolve complex issues using screen sharing, chat and other tools.

Ongoing customer communication

Bi-weekly update until resolution (or date for resolution) provided to customer. Updates provided monthly thereafter, with customer approval.

Every day until the situation is stabilized; Updates thereafter at intervals agreed on by the customer.





Professional services available





No services available

Purchased support hours can be used for: 

- Integration with 3d party systems (while DeskAlerts is a powerful communications tool on its own, it works best when built into your environment via integrations with other systems currently in use.)

- Data control and infrastructure configuration (save your IT team time by handing the migration procedures to our technical team, making the process seamless and reducing the risks of downtime)

- Custom development (any kind of individual coding and implementation solutions)

Escalation procedure

Not available


Depending on severity level – response time varies from 2 up to 24 business hours


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