Team Communication Software

Team communication software
when your employees are based all over the world

Many companies have teams based all over the world, working together on projects and corporate priorities across continents and time zones. Some may work out of major corporate offices, smaller satellite offices, while others may work from home. Other virtual team structures can emerge when companies work with consultants and freelancers or when they collaborate with other companies.

Remote workers and virtual teams can pose unique communication challenges. Unlike a traditional team structure where workers are co-located physically in the same office, virtual and remote workers are unable to easily share ideas and gain insights from the people around them. Some team members who are apart from the majority of the team can be forgotten and overlooked and vital information may not be shared.

Virtual teams can make employee engagement especially challenging - an important aspect in any company when it comes to productivity, profitability, morale and staff turnover. When employees aren’t all in the same place, and particularly if they are working alone, they can feel a disconnect from their workplace and can easily become disengaged.

DeskAlerts is the only
team communication app you need

DeskAlerts lets you send important information that cannot be missed, skipped or ignored,
no matter where your team is located in the world: all they need is a connection to the internet.

Pop-up notifications

Send important information and announcements or send links to critical documents.

Corporate screensaver

Use a custom screensaver to passively communicate your values, vision, goals and priorities.

Schedule notifications in advance

When you have employees in different time zones, schedule notifications to appear at a particular time in their local time zone.

Quiz, statistics and polls

Gather instant feedback from your team, no matter where they are located, to enable you to make decisions.

Targeted delivery

Send alerts to your entire company, to specific groups of employees or even to individual users.

Desktop ticker

Keep employees in the loop with links to internal and external news stories, announcements, hints and tips and helpful facts.


Benefits of DeskAlerts for remote team communication

When you use DeskAlerts for managing virtual teams
and virtual team communication there are many benefits including:

Better relationships:

Employees can have a better relationship when they are working together as a unified team

More collaboration:

Information “silos” are broken down and employees can work more efficiently together

Reduction in mistakes:

Everyone will have access to the right information including procedures and protocols

Reinforcement of values:

Let your employees know what the company stands for and how they fit into the ‘big picture’

Gather feedback:

A two-way flow of information enables you to make corporate improvements and boost engagement.

Support your employees:

Direct them to the tools that they need to succeed.

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What DeskAlerts team communication software
will do for your company

You’ll see results fast when you use DeskAlerts for managing dispersed teams., including:

Communication system for remote workers and virtual teams_22

  • Improved productivity: Employees will have the right information to do their jobs well and won’t waste time looking for direction.
  • Increased profits: Productivity boosts often lead to more profits as less time is wasted and more goods and services produced.
  • Boosted engagement: Your staff will be more connected to the organization and performing at their peak.
  • Reduce staff turnover: Disconnected employees are more likely to leave and need to be replaced. More engaged employees will stay, cutting down on your recruitment costs.
  • Enhance corporate culture: Make your company a sought-after place to work so you can attract and retain top talent.
  • Better communication: Information flow in your company will be improved with everyone on the same page.

University of Southampton

We found DeskAlerts was the only choice to meet our needs as well as being affordable and flexible. After considering whether to make our own software we decided that was not a good idea and would keep us from our core business.

Masanutten Resort

DeskAlerts is a great tool that will definitely improve your communication strategy to users as well as allow you to do many other functions to delivery great service to your organization in terms of enterprise-wide communications.
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