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Improved communications in financial sector

Employees will pay attention to important internal information but won’t be distracted by low priority messages.




Effective internal communication is important for finance companies. Well-informed employees can provide better customer service and help improve the client experience. Their performance and productivity will be increased because they’ll have the right information they need to perform at their peak. They’re less likely to make mistakes, and will be more engaged with the company.

It’s critical that finance employees understand any regulatory requirements, compliance expectations, and developments, meaning internal communications are more important than ever for this sector.



Financial institutions are often large, with employees in different teams like silos – or in different geographic locations. They are often carrying out work that requires attention to detail and needing to be up-to-date with legislation and regulations – and they often receive a large number of emails every day, so they might miss important financial communications.


Communicate better

DeskAlerts helps to improve financial communications

Targeted employees of finance companies will receive and read important messages when you need them to, no matter what other tasks they’re performing.


Leadership communications_big-min-1

Leadership communications

- Guaranteed 100% read rate of important messages from leadership

- Get certainty all new rules, regulations and deadlines are acknowledged

- Build trust and improve visibility of senior leaders

IT communications_big-min-1

IT communications

- Send urgent messages with a 100% read rate, unlike email

- Inform staff in advance about maintenance

- Alert affected users about IT outages in one minute



- Raise cybersecurity awareness and educate employees

- Keep employees informed about potential risks and the latest fraudulent practices

- Alert employees when there is a threat and keep them updated on the situation

HR communications_big-min-2

HR communications

- Deliver information about benefits, policies, rules and events

- Easily track employee satisfaction and engagement levels via surveys

- Improve employee retention and engagement

Compliance communications_big-min-1

Compliance communications

- Ensure employees are aware of new rules, policies and procedures

- Get the data that staff acknowledged information you shared with them

- Reduce the risk for business from non-compliance

Emergency communications_big-min-1

Emergency communications

- Use highly visible channels to send emergency communication

- Educate employees about emergency procedures in a highly engaging format

- Ensure critical information can be seen by everyone – even those not at their desks

Try DeskAlerts and see if it feets your needs

DeskAlerts is a proven internal communication software solution that will overhaul your employee communications. Using a variety of digital tools and channels you can replace ineffective and outdated internal communications practices with a guaranteed readership rate of 100%.


DeskAlerts tools for communications in financial companies

Discover all features for efficient financial communications

  • Message statistics

  • Targeting

  • Reading acknowledgments

  • Reminders

  • Scheduling

  • Multimedia support

  • Embeddable URL format

What our customers say

“All departments use DeskAlerts to send communication that would ordinarily be missed via email communication.”
Accounting, East Africa
“DeskAlerts lets us broadcast system information to users. We have placed information monitors in several positions in our building where we broadcast systems alerts and news to share information about system breakdowns or other significant information that can affect peoples’ daily work.”
Insurance, Denmark
“The IT team realized they needed to implement a fully-automated state-ofthe-art alert system. The organization chose DeskAlerts, a powerful desktop notification solution that enables faster, more effective and more cost-efficient communication.”
City of Lenexa
Government, USA

Benefits of DeskAlerts as a communication system for finance


Ensure staff receive critical messages on time

Reduces information-min

Reduces information overload and distractions

employee engagement-min

Higher level of employee engagement

Improved compliance-min

Improved compliance

Better communications-min

Better communications between
internal departments

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